Introducing Mobile Pixels DUEX

A secondary monitor built to improve your productivity
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For anywhere work takes you

Have the luxury of two screens anywhere you go
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Multitask efficiently

Dual screen improves your productivity by nearly 50%
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Product video

Check out our on-the-go dual screen laptop monitor


Mobile Pixels Duex is perfect for


Mobile Pixels Duex is perfect for


Mobile Pixels Duex is perfect for


Mobile Pixels Duex is perfect for


Mobile Pixels Duex is perfect for

Working from home

Mobile Pixels Duex is perfect for

Any kind of mobile work

Perfected design

We designed Mobile Pixels DUEX to be sleek and easy to carry around for all professionals.
12.5 in
Screen size


Built with the best materials in the market, Mobile Pixels DUEX is lightweight and will be your favourite travel companion.
ABS plastic

Collaboration made easy

Mobile Pixels DUO makes it easy to share screen with someone sitting across from you.
full rotation
presentation mode
USB connection

How it works

Place magnetic adhesives on computer

Place Mobile Pixels DUO on magnetic adhesives

Plug in USB

Slide Mobile Pixels DUO screen out and enjoy a second screen!


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$1,259,394 USD
total funds raised
$862,433 USD
total funds raised

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Mobile Pixels DUO is a convenient, yet affordable, on-the-go dual screen option, so the large fraction of the computer-using population isn’t forced to lose out on the proven benefits and productivity that come with using multiple screens.
 It looks pretty handy... In today's world, there's too much going on for just one screen.
Stephen Michael
Kickstarter backer
 WOW so cool. I need this.. normally I use my PC & Laptop together for another Display.This is the solution.
Jafrina Jabin Lamia
Former Mentor at Bangladesh Science Outreach
 I really friggin need this in my life... homework would be so much easier.
Jackie Hernandez
Service Desk Lead at The Home Depot


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Mobile Pixels DUEX
Mobile Pixels DUEX
Mobile Pixels DUEX
Mobile Pixels DUEX
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Mobile Pixels DUEX
Mobile Pixels DUEX
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Laptop Sleeve
Mobile Pixels DUEX
Multi Port
USB A to Type C
Metal Plates
HDMI to Type C
Data cable
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