Old Drawings Posted on 10 May 00:00

I went through some old notes today and look at what I found!!! Can't believe how far we've come.

MIT Maker Festival! Posted on 27 Apr 00:00

We were invited to attend the MIT Maker Festival. This was a great event, we saw so many intere[...]

Prototype 2.0 Posted on 22 Mar 06:04

Finally after a few months, our CAD design is brought to life. Here is a shot of our 2nd protot[...]

Circuit Board Design Posted on 18 Jan 00:00

We just finished designing a new state of the art circuit board. New board will feature a much [...]

Patent Filing Posted on 30 Dec 00:00

We just filed our first patent on the product. There will be many more to come!

Prototype 1.0 Posted on 30 Nov 05:55

I mentioned in my last blog post the origin of our product. Here is a picture of out first prot[...]

Hello World!! Posted on 10 Nov 00:00

Mobile Pixels has a unique and interesting inception story. I always use a secondary desktop mo[...]
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