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Installing Mobile Pixels DUEX
Place the metal plates (included in the box) over the magnets in the back of DUEX.
The metal plates are bigger than the magnets. Make sure that round plate covers DUEX magnet completely and they are centered.
Once the metal plates are all placed, close your laptop and align DUEX.
For a proper install try to match the right edge of DUEX with one screw exposed past the edge of the laptop. Align bottom of DUEX to bottom of the laptop.
To remove it, slide DUEX off of the magnets, do not pull.
DISCLAIMER: Left hand orientation only works with 13-13.3” laptops, or laptops narrow enough to accommodate DUEX on both side.
To use it on the other side, rotate 180 degrees.
Snap into the back of the laptop.
You are ready to work.
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Mobile Pixels DUEX
Mobile Pixels DUEX
Mobile Pixels DUEX
Mobile Pixels DUEX
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Mobile Pixels DUEX
Mobile Pixels DUEX
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