LCD vs OLED Screen: Which Monitors are Better?

LCD vs OLED Screen: Which Monitors are Better?

The main difference between LCD vs OLED screens is in the pixel technology. LCD screens rely on a backlight to illuminate the pixels, whereas OLED screens utilize micro-LEDs which individually illuminate instead of relying on a backlight. This results in deeper blacks, overall more natural light, and wider color range.

Is OLED or LCD better for your eyes?

Because OLED screens emit less blue light and don't rely on a backlight for illumination, OLED screens tend to be better for your eyes than LCD screens.

What is better for gaming: OLED or LCD?

Since OLED screens have a better contrast ratio and wider color range, the gaming experience can be enhanced by using an OLED monitor instead of an LCD monitor. However, many gamers still use LCD panels for gaming because of the lower cost and higher brightness. 

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