What is Refresh Rate on a Monitor?

What is Refresh Rate on a Monitor?

Refresh Rate, measured in Hertz (Hz), is the measurement used to describe how many times a monitor's display updates per second. So, if your monitor has a refresh rate of 60 Hz, the image on the display is being refreshed 60 times each second.

What Is a Good Refresh Rate For Gaming?

High refresh rate monitors, such as 144Hz and above, are preferred in use cases such as gaming, allowing the player to track on screen movement more consistently than lower refresh rate monitors. However, refresh rates this high are more important for professional gamers. More casual players can typically get by with lower refresh rates on their PCs and monitors.

Is Higher Refresh Rate Better For Your Eyes?

Higher refresh rates will result in less choppy displays, and therefore lead to less eye strain. However, other factors like brightness and monitor placement will have more of an affect on your eye health than the monitor's refresh rate.

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