What Is Ghosting on a Monitor?

What Is Ghosting on a Monitor?

Ghosting on a monitor is a visual artifact which is described as faint trails or tracers appearing behind a fast moving object on screen. This occurs when a monitor's response time is outpaced by what is shown on screen and is more common in VA panels than their IPS and TN counterparts. Ghosting can sometimes be caused by certain settings on your monitor such as DCR, Noise Reduction, Black Equalizer, Game Mode, or Motion Smoothing. These settings typically process each frame before they are displayed on screen and may contribute to low response time. 

How to Fix Ghosting on a Monitor?

Some monitors have a built-in overdrive setting which will increase the voltage supplied to the pixels and reduce or eliminate ghosting entirely. Sometimes ghosting can be easily fixed as well by swapping the connection cables or updating your system's graphics driver. In cases where the cause of ghosting cannot be detemined you may need to contact the manufacturer for further assistance.

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