How to Calibrate a Monitor?

How to Calibrate a Monitor?

To calibrate your monitor on Windows, use the Windows Search feature to search for Calibrate Display Color and follow the on-screen instructions. To calibrate your monitor on MacOS, open System Settings, then select Displays. From here, click the Color tab and then Calibrate. Finally, follow the on-screen instructions to calibrate your monitor.

What is Monitor Calibration?

Monitor Calibration is the practice of fine-tuning a monitor's color settings to their most accurate and true-to-life color configuration. This includes but is not limited to modifiying the saturation, contrast, brightness, sharpness, gamma, and color gamut. Monitor calibration usually requires a display colorimeter for professional users however at-home users can estimate these settings by hand for noticably better results than non-calibrated monitors.

How Often do Monitors Need to Be Calibrated?

As monitors age, these calibration settings can become inaccurate and it is recommended to re-calibrate your monitor every month or so if color accuracy is required.

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