Why is My Monitor Flickering?

How to Fix Monitor Flickering?

Monitor flickering can be an alarming issue, however this doesn't neseccarily mean that your monitor is damaged and can be an easy fix. The first place to check is your monitor's cables, please try reconnecting the power supply and display signal cable to see if this fixes the issue. If the flickering persists upon powering your monitor on, try another signal cable if possible to check if the original cable is defective or damaged. If the above fails, try connecting the display signal cable to another port on your computer or another display output port on the monitor to check if the connection ports are at fault. Another possible solution is to update your system's graphics drivers, this can be done on Windows by searching Check for updates in the Windows search feature and then navigating to Advanced Options. From here, click on Optional updates and then click on the Driver updates drop-down menu. Finally, click Download & Install to update your system and any outdated drivers. For Mac users, this can be done by updating you MacOS version in System Settings. If all else fails, try testing the monitor on another computer if possible to test for flickering. If the issue persists, then your monitor may be damaged and a repair or replacement monitor may be required.

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