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How to Build the Best Day Trading Desk Setup

How to Build the Best Day Trading Desk Setup

A day trading desk setup has become necessary in the home as the professional world shifts to remote and hybrid work settings. After all, if you are working from home, you should set up a good workplace with everything you need to make your space as comfortable as possible.

Spending up to eight hours at a computer is no easy feat, especially as our bodies grow older. Some people complain of backache, while others need to keep getting up to fix something wrong with the cable or internet connection.

Similarly, putting together a well-thought-out day trading desk setup requires much thought. What do you prioritize first? What goes last? What are the key components of the best home trading desk setup? How can you get the best bang for your buck?

Don't fret. We've cooked up a short and sweet guide to help you achieve the home workspace of your dreams. Let's dive in.

Your Computer

Home day trading setupDuex Plus dual monitor for laptop

In terms of the computer for your trading desk setup, there are three key features you need to keep in mind: reliability, functionality, and affordability. These features aside, on a general note, you want something you can rely on, with high specifications. For example, if you are a small-scale trader, you should at least have a computer or laptop with a minimum of an i5 processor and a large SSD storage capacity.

On the other hand, if you are a large-scale trader dealing with many accounts at once, you should invest in multiple latest computers - more on this later.

1. Reliability

The machine should be able to work continuously for long periods. The computer should be dependable as crashes or freezing can cost you money.

Therefore, make sure you opt for something that does not heat up and crash and choose a well-functioning machine that can hold its own against a grueling 24/5 trading week.

2. Functionality

As we have mentioned above, specifications are important. Depending on your reach as a trader, the performance specifications of the computer need to be well-suited for the products and markets being traded. In addition, given the nature of your work, the computer should be able to support multiple applications running at the same time for long, extended periods of time. For instance, a solid computer should be able to run charting platforms, trading DOMS and news feeds altogether. If it can't support one or the other, the efficiency of your workplace is compromised.

3. Financially prudent

When we say financially prudent, we're saying that you must plan well in advance and invest in aspects of the computer that are expected to give you the best return on your investment. So, extravagance or choosing something flashy is not important; you should prioritize cutting-edge technology, which offers robust and cost-effective functionality.

Adjustable Electric Lifting Standing Desk

Adjustable Electric Lifting Standing Desk

While sitting at your desk in a comfortable chair is nice, it is equally important to stretch your legs and log some standing hours on your fitness watch. This is why standing desks are becoming more and more common in home workspaces. The many benefits of adjustable lifting standing desks include:

  • Reduced risk of obesity and weight gain: According to research, you can burn 170 plus calories if you stand for an entire afternoon. This is coupled with exercise and moving around, helping you mitigate weight gain and prevent the onset of obesity, albeit in a small way.
  • Reduced back and neck pain: Sitting at your desk with a slouched back and a bent neck can lead to back and neck pain. If you use a standing desk effectively, you can reduce this pain to less than half.
  • Lower blood sugar levels: Standing reduces high blood sugar levels. High blood sugar is harmful to your health.
  • Reduced risk of diabetes: according to research, if you are sedentary for a long period, the risk of developing diabetes increases by 112%. A standing desk will help mitigate this risk.
  • Improved mood: standing desks also positively influence your overall well-being. People who use standing desks report less stress and fatigue than those seated at work all day long.

Ergonomic Chair

Ergonomic Chair

An ergonomic chair has adjustable comfort features that make it comfortable for the user. Given that you will be sitting at your desk for long hours, or alternating between standing and sitting, you should have something comfortable to sit on. There are several benefits of ergonomic chairs for your trading desk setup, such as

  • Posture support: Bad posture is an epidemic these days. Normal chairs lack ergonomics, which makes you lean forward because of inappropriate back height. Ergonomic chairs have full-length designs and support for natural posture, thus eliminating this problem.
  • Elevated productivity: An ergonomic chair can be adjusted according to your comfort. You can focus much better if you are comfortable, enhancing productivity and job satisfaction.
  • Reduced pain: as mentioned above, lower back and neck pain are common territory amongst most office workers because of traditional chairs' design. Ergonomic chairs offer better relaxation and reduced body pains by supporting crucial pain points.

Dual Screen Monitors

Geminos monitor

A trading desk setup is incomplete without multiple screen monitors (for most trading desks, a minimum of two screen displays is the norm), especially if you work on a large scale with multiple accounts during the day. A Geminos stacked dual monitor can ramp up your productivity and efficiency by improving your workflow drastically. The several benefits of dual screen monitors include:

  • A keen eye on everything: A trader needs to keep track of multiple things happening in the market, such as order flow, information about the market like sentiment indexes, technical charts of different timeframes, and technical charts of different markets. Dual screens allow traders to do this efficiently without switching between dual screens on a single monitor.
  • Shift between taking calls and meetings: If you need to touch base with some of your team members, having another screen to do it on will be beneficial instead of shifting between screens. You can watch the news side by side as you attend the call.

Fast and Reliable Internet Access

A fast internet connection is a crucial aspect of any workplace, whether at home or in an office. The internet should be fast enough to load web pages in a few seconds. If the internet cannot do that, it is too slow for day trading.

Your internet connection should be fast enough for you to keep up with the stream of constant data as things are changing every second - a lag can cause you to miss out on the updated price because you are receiving old data instead of the latest one.

Online connectivity is a crucial aspect of online trading. If you don't have the ability to make your presence known in the market, your trading will come to a standstill.

In addition to having a solid, fast, and reliable internet connection, you should always have a mobile connection backup as an alternative to your high-speed physical connection in case an internet outage occurs or your power goes out. The ability to stay connected is crucial for your work.

Desk Cable Management

Desk Cable Management

Setting up your desk is an exciting yet arduous task. Once you've got the computer, chair, standing desk, multiple monitors, and internet access sorted, what's left? Cable management.

Let's say you have everything hooked up and installed, but there's a tangled mess under your desk. That's an eyesore, a hazard, and an inconvenience all rolled up in one. What if your foot gets caught in a cable and unplugs an important wire in the middle of trading, causing the trade to fail? That will be disastrous.

Therefore, it's important to keep things organized and chaos free. Manage your cables by purchasing cable ties or cable organizers/trays from Amazon. Keep them sorted according to the categories (standing desk wire, internet wire, and so on and so forth) so that you can deal with any problem as swiftly as possible should you need to do so.


A day trading desk has six crucial elements. A computer with high specifications is the first. It should be reliable, financially prudent, and functional.

Pair your computer with a standing desk that offers excellent health benefits like reduced risk of diabetes, obesity, and back pain. When you get tired of standing, sit down on your ergonomic chair to maintain posture and keep up with productivity.

Lastly, your ideal trading desk setup should boast dual monitors so that you can keep an eye on everything with a fast and reliable internet connection. Top it off with squeaky-clean cable management, and you've got the best trading desk set up in your neighborhood.

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