Stay Education Ready

Brings Learning and Teaching from Remote or in-Person Immersive.

Empower the learning experience with a hybrid approach. This portfolio of portable monitors, gadgets and accessories enable educational institutions and students a seamless transition to a blended learning model. All we have in mind is to support modern learning experience with increased engagement and reduced learning friction. 

The Educator Collection

For those educators who want to maintain teaching effectiveness while facing hybrid educational environment, this fantastic monitor solution offers an ideal setup for both in-classroom and at-home remote teaching.

TRIO 12.5"/ 14"


GLANCE Pro 15.6"


Laptop Sleeve Case


8 In 1 USB-C Hub With 4K HDMI


Laptop Monitor Clips


The Student Collection

Personalized learning solution for today’s students to increase productivity and concentration. This setup delivers reliable hybrid learning experience to support students from K-12 to higher education regardless of location.

DUEX Lite 12.5"


DUEX Plus 12.5"


Origami Portable Monitor Kickstand


AI Smart Camera


Foldable Keyboard


Use Cases


Our portable laptop screen is a must-have technology for remote teaching. Upgrade your virtual teaching tools with a Mobile Pixels portable dual monitor!


This portable laptop monitor will become your new study secret. Discover the best monitor for students & online learning technology for all ages.