Does Having Two Monitors Slow Down Your Computer?

Does Having Two Monitors Slow Down Your Computer?

Investing in a second monitor has become a standard practice for any computer enthusiast. Anyone regularly using their computer for activities such as streaming, gaming, entertainment, networking, working, and studying can benefit from the myriad of advantages that a second monitor has to offer. Productivity, functionality, and convenience are just some of the ways in which another screen can really enhance your user experience, especially if you are someone who is always multitasking. 

Of course, the more monitors that you have, the harder that your computer will have to work so that it can provide a high-resolution and high-quality display on each screen. The questions that inevitably arise, therefore, are whether or not will a second monitor cause lagging and what you can do to improve system performance whilst using multiple screens. In this article, we’re going to be answering these questions in-depth.

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Will Dual Monitors Slow Down Computer Speed?

Graphics cards are more sophisticated and powerful than ever, and they are capable of processing beautifully sharp images at incredible speeds. It is for this reason that a dual monitor setup shouldn’t affect the performance of your computer, at least not to the extent that it is noticeable. One particularly important factor is what you are using the two screens for. 

If you are running certain games and/or applications that are generally quite demanding on your computer, such as playing videos on each screen, then you may feel the effects of the additional strain more. Your computer’s processing system and graphic cards will obviously have to work harder to support the activity of two screens, regardless of what you are using them for. The more demanding the activities are, however, then the more your computer will slow down. 

Live gaming, video streaming, and large downloads, for example, can all exacerbate these issues. Fortunately, there are several ways you can try to resolve this problem.

How To Improve Second Monitor Lagging

Ultimately, the priority should be reducing the burden on your computer as much as possible, whilst ensuring that any measures don’t affect your user experience either. The following methods should be quite helpful when it comes to addressing your computer’s performance with multiple monitors. By implementing them, you should be able to enjoy the countless perks that are associated with having a second monitor, without any interference or lagging:

  • Ensure that your monitors are under the same settings. Check the settings for each of your monitors in Windows, and if necessary adjust your settings so that the resolution, color settings, and refresh rate are the same. This can be effective at reducing lag and enabling a seamless and uninterrupted experience.
  • Update your drivers. For software and graphics, you should check that your drivers are updated and if required reinstall them entirely. This will amend any corrupted or old files which are inhibiting your computer’s performance.
  • Only run the programs that you are currently using. This may sound obvious, but programs that are running in the background can be a massive drain on your computer’s processing power. It is recommended that you close any programs that are not presently being used, and run only those programs that are necessary for the activity you are working on at the moment.
  • Check your storage space. The more space that you have consumed for storage, the less space there is for real-time processing. By deleting temporary and unused files, you can reallocate some of this valuable storage space to your computer’s processing capacity. 

Duex Plus dual monitor

Is Your Second Monitor Still Lagging?

Usually, the methods that we have described here are more than enough to optimize your computer’s performance and ensure that it can support a second monitor. However, if you are still experiencing lagging, then it may be that your computer or one of its components has to be replaced. A software-related issue can be resolved from within Windows relatively easily. If your hardware is simply not powerful enough to run demanding activities or support more than one monitor, on the other hand, then the only viable option is to replace it. 

Overall, the older that your computer and/or its components are, the less likely it is to perform well with a second monitor. There may even be the rare occasion when your computer is not capable of supporting a second monitor at all, even when its components are otherwise functioning perfectly, and this usually means that it is an older model. 

There is a simple way to investigate this: Right-click on your desktop’s background, then select ‘Display Properties’, and then scroll until you see an option that reads ‘Multiple Displays’.  If this option appears, then your computer can support a second monitor and one of the aforementioned fixes may work. If it doesn’t appear, then purchasing a replacement is the way to go.

Making The Most Of Your Second Monitor

These days, the vast majority of modern computers are capable of running multiple displays. Therefore, if you have purchased a second monitor and you have noticed that it is causing your computer to lag, then the most probable explanation is that the issue is with your computer or one of its components, rather than the monitor itself. 

It shouldn’t be a difficult problem to resolve, and it is more than worthwhile so that you can make the most of the productivity, flexibility, convenience, and functionality that a second monitor provides. 

If you want to learn more about second monitors, then you have definitely come to the right place. In this comprehensive comparison guide, we explore the various second and third screen options that Mobile Pixels offers, so that you can see what is the right choice for you, your requirements, and your expectations.

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