14 Unique and Meaningful Gifts for the Dad Who Wants Nothing

14 Unique and Meaningful Gifts for the Dad Who Wants Nothing

Let’s face it; some people are just difficult to shop for. Finding a gift for the dad who wants nothing but seems to have everything? Seems impossible.

Lots of dads tend to be hyper-independent low-maintenance individuals…so it's hard to figure out what they want or need. Gifting the same old stereotypical “dad” stuff like grilling gear and beard oil every year can get pretty old—and it surely doesn’t show your dad how much he means to you!

You want to gift your father something more meaningful, reflecting the love, care, and affection you hold for him. So, whether it's father's day, the holidays, his birthday, or a ‘just because’ present, we have got you covered! Keep reading and discover some interesting and unique gifts to give your dad. 

14 Gifts for Dad Who Has Everything And Wants Nothing 

Luxury Coffee Sampler 

If your father is a self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur, this might be a perfect choice. Let him try new and exotic roasts that he'd never buy for himself! He’s sure to think about you and smile to himself with his morning cup of joe—what else could be sweeter than that? 

coffee sampler gift for dads who want nothing

Craft Beer or Wine Subscription Box 

Whether your dad’s a beer-lover or an amateur sommelier, there are countless subscription boxes to help your dad find his new favorite drink of choice. Subscription boxes are the gifts that keep on giving, and they can make some of the most meaningful gifts for dad!

beer subscription box gift for dads who have everything and want nothing

His Own Personalized Skincare Routine

Men need skincare too! Chances are, your dad needs some tips and recommendations to craft the best self-care routine. So, get him his own range of personalized skincare products! It could be a great way to get your father to schedule some much-needed “him time.”

skincare gifts for dad who wants nothing

New Luxury Sheet Set 

Who doesn’t love a good comfy gift? Nothing says ultimate comfort like some soft, comfy new luxury sheets! As one of the most useful gifts for dad who wants nothing, not only will this gift help him get a few extra Z’s, but you know he’ll make use of this practical present.

new sheet set as gifts for dad who has everything and wants nothing

Poster of His Favorite Film, Sports Team, Or Music Artist 

A framed poster of your dad’s favorite film, sports star, or music artist is a great way to get him reminiscing about his glorious past (or new-found obsession). Personalized presents like these make super meaningful gifts for dad because you get to choose based on his interests!

personalized posters as meaningful gifts for dad

Silly Pair of Crew Socks 

This gift idea will surely be a hit with goofy dads, and we bet they would love a fun pair of socks! Choose a silly pattern that you know your dad will love—from funny pizza socks to pop-culture-themed designs, you’re sure to find a sock for every kind of dad.

silly pizza socks as gifts for dad who wants nothing

Gift Card to his Favorite Restaurant 

A lovely dinner with the pleasure of your company is sure to lift your dad’s spirits. Simple, thoughtful, and low-key!

restaurant gift card and experience as gifts for dad who wants nothing

Temperature-regulating Pillow 

The dad life is all about comfort. When searching for gifts for dad who has everything and wants nothing, your best bet is a more practical item. He probably says he “doesn’t want anything,” but trust us, he'll use this pillow daily!

practical pillow gifts for dad who wants nothing

Mobile-friendly Tech Accessories 

This one’s for the busy business dads who travel often. If your dad's work relies heavily on traveling, he will appreciate a portable mouse or foldable keyboard to help him stay productive on the go. These can make perfect gifts for dads who don’t want anything—he probably didn’t even know these handy tech gadgets existed!

foldable keyboard gifts for dad who wants nothing

Cooking Class Certificate 

Gift dad a cooking class certificate so you can both attend this class together! This would make for a great bonding experience, plus you’ll get to work on your culinary skills while you’re at it.

chopping vegetables at cooking class

Pair of Slippers Fit for a King

Has your dad been wearing the same worn-out slippers for ages and ages? It's time to gift him a comfy, stylish, and practical new pair (and finally give him the push he needs to get rid of those old ones).

new slippers as gifts for dad who wants nothing

Plane Ticket to his Dream Destination 

If you have the budget, there is no better gift than a unique experience for the two of you together. Pick a destination you’ll both love and book the vacation of a lifetime. Take the trip, capture tons of photos, and make the best memories! 

vacation as a meaningful gift for dad

Comfy Pullover to Wear Year-Round  

Dads are simple creatures, notorious for living in the same few outfits all season long. Gift him a versatile wardrobe upgrade—a comfy and lightweight pullover that he can wear on its own in the summer, but layer up for extra warmth in the colder months.

pullover gift for dads who want nothing

Multi-purpose Portable Laptop Monitor 

Gift your father a portable laptop monitor to help him multitask at work or enhance his entertainment experiences! Whether it’s for work or play, portable monitors upgrade any tech experience anywhere you go. The DUEX Max from Mobile Pixels has 4 different color options so you can pick your dad’s favorite. 

portable monitors make the best gifts for dad who wants nothing

Want to see more gift ideas? Explore all of Mobile Pixels techie gifts and discover more gifts for the dad who deserves some electronic upgrades. 

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