Is A Triple Monitor Setup Worth It?

Is A Triple Monitor Setup Worth It?

A multi-monitor setup extends your working space, flanking each side of your main screen to enable a seamless workflow. It boosts performance and has become the ultimate tech accessory to have.

And if you choose a triple monitor setup from Mobile Pixels, you can be sure of portability and ergonomics.

Should you invest in it? Let’s closely examine the many benefits it offers, its application in various fields, and expert tips for easy installation.

What Are the Benefits of a Triple Monitor Setup?

Here are some advantages of investing in a triple screen setup:

Increased Productivity

A study by Fujitsu Siemens Computers showed that a triple screen setup like TRIO can provide definite advantages for your daily workflow. It can boost your productivity by up to 35.5%.

Multiple monitors reduce time spent switching between windows or tabs. Having a broader screen real estate for displaying information will be quite a benefit.

Immersive Gaming

A triple monitor gaming setup provides fast refresh rates, high-quality images, adjustable brightness, and connects easily with a USB-C or USB-A cable for video and power transmission. It can be especially beneficial in racing, flight simulation, first-person shooter games, and other PC games that support multi-screen setups.

Enhanced Multitasking

Multitasking is no easy task—if done wrong, it can affect the quality of your work, increase the risk of errors, impact short-term memory, and even cause anxiety.

But the extra screen real estate from triple monitors can help you avoid that. You can effortlessly manage multiple tasks simultaneously. If you’re a graphic designer, you can use design software on one screen, look at reference materials on another, and communicate with your team on the third!

Improved Communication

Triple monitors make sharing data easy and leave you with two extra screens to coordinate with colleagues and clients. You can host your Zoom calls on one screen, make real-time changes to the project on another, and leave the third to take notes to refer to later.

Better Organization

Triple monitors allow you to categorize your tasks and reduce clutter on the screen in front of you. And if you get distracted easily, you can tap into virtual desktops to maintain better focus.

Comfort and Reduced Strain

Working on a computer for long periods can strain your eyes and musculoskeletal system. A triple monitor setup can alleviate these—it comes with a blue light filter, so your eyes won’t feel as tired with prolonged exposure. And because it provides a broader field of view, it will eliminate excessive scrolling, which is excellent for professionals who read or edit large amounts of data.

Trio Triple Monitor Setup

Who Should Consider a Triple Monitor Setup?

A triple screen setup is great for:


The larger screen real estate of multi-monitor setups is put to good use by avid gamers. They can run their game on the primary screen, use the others to display mission-critical information, and chat with other players in real time!

The more expansive view and hyper-realistic immersion improve perspective within games, anticipate the enemy’s next steps, and gain a competitive edge.


Whether you’re in a graphic-intensive industry or are a programmer who needs to write, read, and edit hundreds of lines of code, a triple screen setup will treat you well. More screen real estate leads to better information visibility, improved collaboration, and effortless multitasking.


For traders, extra screen real estate allows them to see more so they can do more. For example, one can get insight into market fluctuations, identify trends, get detailed reports, and keep an eye out on critical indicators for the best buying and selling opportunities.

Tips for Setting Up a Triple Monitor Workstation

Sold on this setup? Learn how to set up Trio triple monitor to maximize its benefits:

  • Choose the Right Monitors: Consider dimensions, resolution, response time, and refresh rate for the best viewing and gaming experience.
  • Invest in the Necessary Hardware:USB-C port with DisplayPort-enabled plug-and-play solutions are best. But if your laptop doesn’t have the required graphic ports, invest in an adapter to get it up and running.
  • Focus on Ergonomics: Sliding screens and a built-in kickstand will allow you to rotate both screens, flip it 180 degrees to the front, and pivot it around. Ergonomic design can improve posture and productivity.

You can also invest in a monitor arm for better viewing angles and increased comfort.

Final Thoughts

A triple monitor setup can do wonders for your workflow and boost your productivity and efficiency.

So, if you’re in the market for an absolute powerhouse, MP monitors will treat you well. Browse our offerings to find your holy grail today!

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