What Is a USB-C Hub?

What Is a USB-C Hub?

Manufacturers began removing the connection ports from their laptop and tablet models as the years passed. Nowadays, the majority of new laptops and tablets prefer USB-C connections. It has also given rise to a brand-new item called the USB-C hub.

2014 saw the introduction of USB-C technology with the launch of the first USB-C capable device. Since that time, USB-C has grown in popularity. It is now on various electronic gadgets, including laptops, smartphones, tablets, and more.

The adaptability of USB-C technology is one of its main innovations. The charging connector on some devices can all be replaced by the USB-C port because it can transmit power, data, and video signals. Due to this, USB-C hubs have been created, enabling users to connect various devices to a single hub-enabled device.

USB-C hubs are one of the most innovative and useful adoptions by many customers. It is a better way to connect with other devices and improve workflow.

What Is USB-C Technology?

USB-C technology is the latest universal standard for the wired connection of electronic gadgets. It is the improved version of older standards such as USB-A and other types. These old standards are still common but losing customers due to new technology and USB-C advancement.

USB-C has a reversible pill-shaped design. This allows you to place the connector into your device face up or face down. It is a key selling point.

The total number of pins on a USB-C connector is 24, with 12 on each side. These 24 pins are divided into 16 for data transfer, 4 for charging, and 4 for grounding.

Moreover, USB-C is a cost-effective investment. It is the best solution to save space and add ports to your laptop, PC or gaming system. It's the best way to connect monitors with your desired devices.

This device has a connector that can be plugged in either way. It is small and allows for faster charging and faster transfer of information than older models.

What Is a USB-C Hub?

What Is a USB-C Hub

A USB-C is a connector used to transfer data and power to and from electronic devices. It is symmetrical, which means it allows its users to insert it either way. It prevents the struggle to plug in this device.

The top USB-C hub should have all the important ports to link devices and other items. Most are small, so you can easily carry them wherever you go. A USB-C hub can have many different ports, which can be useful for connecting different devices to your computer.

Remember, the more ports your USB-C hub has, the more things you can use it for. Check what you need right now to determine if you should get a USB-C hub with more than 5 ports.

How Does USB-C Hub Work?

A USB-S hub contains a sophisticated electronic circuit system. This will enable its users to perform the required functions quickly. It consumes a reasonable amount of power and becomes warm when touched. Don't worry, it's normal.

If USB hubs have their power source and are certified, they may be able to charge devices and deliver power. Because of how complicated and advanced some of the best hubs are, they might be called simple docking stations.

Are USB-C Hubs Worth It?

Most people ask this question before investing in a USB-C hub. We will try to give the answers to all your confusion and questions.

A USB-C hub will remove all of the excess cords from your desks. Instead of connecting peripherals to your PC, you can easily connect them to the monitor. It will then connect to your PC over USB-C.

Portable workstations that have USB-C advantages are the foremost. The USB-C center screen can act as a video and power cable in one. You'll take off the laptop's control connector in your rucksack or baggage since you won’t require it at your work area. Some of the other benefits are as follows:


USB-C hubs have a longer life than any other USB type. They are designed to withstand more than 10000 times of insertion and removal. Most of the time, the leaf spring of a standard USB gets stressed by the constant insertion and removal of cables. But USB-C cables bear more stress rather than the ordinary USB port in the devices.


The USB Type C has a plug that can be inserted both ways, making it more convenient than before. You cannot find a USB cable that has only Type-A or Type-B connectors on both ends.

 It has to have different types of connectors on each end. USB Type C has the same connector on both ends, so you don't have to worry about which way to connect it. USB Type C is a better way to connect things to each other quickly and conveniently than older USB Connectors.

Improved Productivity

Now you don't have to deal with a lot of cables and waste your time in handling them. USB-C cables have sorted all your problems. Your productivity will ultimately increase when you focus more on your work and given tasks.

Mobile Pixels usb-c hub

Types of USB-C Hubs

There are a number of USB-C hubs. Some of its types are:

Compact USB-C Hubs

A compact USB-C hub has advantages, as it is small and easy to carry when you travel. They usually have only a few places for you to plug things in, like USB, HDMI, and SD card slots.

Multiport USB-C Hubs

They usually have USB, HDMI, internet, SD card slots, and audio ports together. A Multiport USB-C Hub is useful for people who need to connect many things to their computers simultaneously.

USB-C Docking Stations

Docking stations are things that can turn laptops into bigger and more powerful computer setups. They have many kinds of holes for plugging in things like USB cords, HDMI cables, internet cords etc.

Docking stations are devices used in offices where people need to connect many things to their monitors, like more than one screen.

Power Delivery (PD) USB-C Hubs

These are the gadgets that allow for both data transfer and power delivery. It lets you charge your USB-C device while also using other devices. A PD hub usually has USB-A, HDMI, and SD card slots, along with other USB-C ports for charging.

Specialized USB-C Hubs

Places where videos are the main focus, might have more than one place to connect several screens using HDMI or DisplayPort.

Places where people play video games, might focus more on having fast USB, internet, and sound connections to help the games run better.

Mac-specific hubs usually have more Thunderbolt 3 ports to connect easily with Apple devices.

How to Choose a USB-C Hub

How to Choose a USB-C Hub?

Experts have done years of research and concluded some of the important factors you should consider before choosing a USB-C cable. These factors are:

Number and Types of Ports Needed

One of the most essential factors you should consider is the number of ports your desired USB-C has. It should meet your needs for ports.

Power Delivery (PD) Capabilities

USB-C works with a power delivery system called USB PD. A USB 2.0 port can only give a little power, enough to charge a phone slowly.

USB 3.1 can give power up to 15 watts. USB PD can provide a lot more power than USB 3.1. It can give up to 100 watts, while USB 3.1 can only give a sixth of that amount.

This means that there are now projectors that can be powered by a laptop using USB-C, which is very exciting. However, right now, USB-C is mostly used for charging devices quickly or powering up external batteries.

Compatibility with Other Devices

Another important factor is its compatibility with other devices. Don’t forget to check its specifications as well.

The connector is the metal part that goes into the charging port. The most common types of connectors are Type-A, Type-B, Type-C, Micro-B, Mini-B and lightning (Apple). When in doubt, search on the internet that which connector your device uses.

Build Quality and Durability

Lon-lasting electronic devices are the need of every other person. Every person wants to invest in such a device that has a long lifetime along with low or no maintenance. Make sure to choose a cable that is made of durable and high-quality materials. It should have a sturdy construction with some bend protectors to ensure they can bear frequent use.

Brand Reputation and Customer Support

Last but not least, check your desired brand reputation in the market. Don't forget to research them before investing in their products. Make sure people have a positive opinion about them.

Make sure to consider these above-mentioned factors before taking your final decision. These factors will aid you in choosing the best US-C able for your monitor setup.

Best USB-C Hub Models on Markets

USB hub is the need of almost every PC owner. It helps them to add ports within easy reach or supply more power for changing and other operations.

You have a variety of USBs available in the market. But which one is best for you? Well, for this reason, here is a list of best-selling USB-C hubs. Choose one according to your needs ad desires. They are:

MP 9 in-1 USB-C Hub

MP 9 in-1 USB-C Hub

The MP 9 in-1 USB-C Hub are easily compatible with any laptop, mobile phone or tablet. Support 8k resolution via HDMI 8k port. Moreover, the cables are compatible with RJ45 and audio 3.5mm.

Anker 11 in 1 USB-C Hub

Anker 11 in 1 USB-C Hub

This device is compatible with Windows 10 and later. They keep your laptop powered up with 100W with the help of high-quality USB-C ports. Moreover, it has the capacity to charge other devices with more than 30W via the 2 other USB-C ports.  

Satechi USB C Hub Multiport Adapter V2

Satechi USB C Hub Multiport Adapter V2

This device is compatible with almost all electronic gadgets. They are extremely easy to use and do not require any device to operate. Furthermore, they are portable and can be carried anywhere without any fear of damage. It fits in your laptop bag easily and provides all the benefits to its users.

Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, with the advancement of technology, USB-C cables are providing convenience and numerous other benefits to their customers. Before taking any decision, make sure to consider all the factors to make the best choice of USB-C cables.

Moreover, there are numerous benefits, including improvement and productivity, convenience and durability. USB-C cables make your life so easy that you won't regret this investment.

We hope this article will provide you with all the information related to USB-C and USB-hub. Make sure to consider all the information mentioned above before investing in these devices.

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