Top 5 WFH Ergonomic Tips: Your Work-from-Home Ergonomics Checklist

Top 5 WFH Ergonomic Tips: Your Work-from-Home Ergonomics Checklist

Let's face it; the covid-19 pandemic changed how the corporate world functions. We have seen companies benefitting from adopting a work-from-home or a hybrid work model. Even employees favor a hybrid work model that allows them to shake things up occasionally and work from the comfort of their homes. 

With that being said, many of us just threw together a workstation during our quarantine days. However, since work from home seems to be here to stay for many of us, it might be time to start thinking about investing in a workstation that prioritizes remote work ergonomics. 

a man working at a non-ergonomic workstation on the couch

5 Ergonomic Tips for Working from Home 

Setting up an ergonomic workstation does not have to be a daunting task – We’ve got you covered. Here are 5 ergonomic tips to help you set up your home office in a way that is conducive to your health. Use this work from home ergonomics checklist to make sure your workstation is comfortable and productive!

Make Sure Your Desk/Chair Is At the Proper Height

While working, ensure you are not straining your neck or shoulders by bending the neck down or craning it up too much; desk alignment is an important factor here. 

Following the principles of ergonomics, it is essential that while sitting, your forearms and thighs should be parallel to the floor. An adjustable chair with good lumbar support will help minimize neck and back strain, thereby saving you from chronic neck/back pain in the future.

Mind Your Posture 

Maintaining the optimum posture is good for your spine alignment, which is usually the first to get affected due to bad posture. 

Investing in the right equipment is important. Choosing your desk, chair, and monitor is crucial to help you maintain a good posture. Ideally, your back should be in contact with the chair. Your knees should be spaced slightly from the back of your seat, and the hips should be adequately cushioned for comfort. 

Organize Your Desk Strategically 

A cluttered desk is not just ergonomically less than optimal but can seriously hamper one's work efficiency. Set up your work desk so that the items of frequent use are placed closest to you. This minimizes twisting and straining to reach out for the said items. Also, declutter your desk by removing any unnecessary items occupying space. 

Lastly, wires can be a nuisance as they often get in the way. However, with advanced technology, wireless mouses and monitors are available on the market, allowing maximum ergonomic customization. We recommend a wireless mouse and keyboard for your workspace. 

Invest In the Right Monitor 

Geminos stacked monitor

Investing in the right equipment is equally as important as keeping your posture in check when it comes to achieving an ergonomically optimal workspace. 

Choosing a vertically stacked dual-screen setup instead of a standard side-by-side setup might help reduce your neck strain. You won't have to look sideways constantly, and you can place the monitor at a level that’s comfortable for you.

The Geminos stacked monitor is a vertically stacked dual screen that allows you to adjust monitor height to avoid awkward working angles and helps maintain a neutral neck posture! 

Mini Breaks Are Essential 

Sitting on a chair for hours while staring at your screen can affect your physical health, especially your eyesight. 

Take a short walk during lunch breaks to get some blood flowing. You can even schedule some time during the day to do some light stretches during work hours to relax your muscles. The 20-20-20 rule is another great way to take short breaks; it implies taking a 20-second break from your screen every 20 minutes to focus on an object at least 20 feet away. 

woman using an ergonomic work from home station

Investing in the right equipment and building habits that are ergonomically beneficial is the best step you can take to conserve your physical health in the long term. This working from home ergonomic checklist can help you ensure you’re addressing every aspect. 

A huge portion of our adult lives is spent working; at our desks and in front of our screens. It's time to start focusing on improving our physical health during work hours Learn more about how Mobile Pixels can make working from home efficient and productive. 

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