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Windows Installation Guide for Mobile Pixels Monitors with DisplayLink Driver

DO NOT plug the Mobile Pixels Inc device into your windows before executing the driver installation.

* for those who are using work laptop(s), you might need the admin permission from your IT department

1. Please download the correct DisplayLink driver below based on your operating system: 

DisplayLink USB Graphics 

Software for Windows

Windows 11,10, 8.1, 7

Release: 10.2 M2 |Apr 13, 2022

Windows 8

Release: 9.2 M3 |05 Nov 2019

2. Double click on Setup.exe. The windows user account control window opens(is enabled in the OS).

3. Click " Yes ". The DisplayLink software end use license agreement windows opens.

4. Click "I accept". DisplayLink core software and DisplayLink Graphics installs. 

NOTE: the screen may flash or go black during the installation.

5. Connect your MobilePixels Inc device via the USB cable to your laptop. A message will be shown that DisplayLink software is configuring itself for the first use.

6. The monitor should flash and MobilePixels Device should start to extend the Windows desktop.

Note:You may need to reboot the laptop before you use the DisplayLink enabled device.