Extended Warranty Plans

We understand how important your device is to your daily life, which is why we offer a robust Limited Warranty to ensure that your purchase remains free from defects in material or workmanship. To give you even greater assurance, we're excited to introduce our Extended Warranty Plans, allowing you to safeguard your investment for even longer.

Here's what you need to know about the Extended Warranty options available to you:

Original Limited Warranty Coverage

  • Duration: 1 year from the original date of purchase.
  • Proof of Purchase: Keep your order confirmation as evidence.
  • Scope: Covers defects in materials or workmanship under normal use, following all operating instructions.
  • Services: Replacement of parts or the product by Mobile Pixels INC with new or refurbished parts.

Extended Warranty Options

Choose from 3 tailor-made plans to extend your original warranty:

  • 1-Year Extension: Double the duration of your peace of mind.
  • 2-Year Extension: Triple the assurance for your device's optimal performance.
  • 3-Year Extension: Maximum coverage for long-term security.

Extended Warranty Benefits

  • Comprehensive Protection: Continuation of the Limited Warranty's benefits for your selected period.
  • No Unexpected Costs: Protects against unforeseen defects and craftsmanship issues.
  • Hassle-Free Assistance: Priority customer service and warranty support.

What's Not Covered

  • Damages from unauthorized third-party actions, accidents, misuse, or neglect.
  • External electrical faults, natural disasters, or non-standard operating conditions.
  • Use of non-Mobile Pixels INC parts or modifications by unauthorized parties.
  • Normal wear and tear.

Additional Support Details

  • Shipping: Replacement shipping costs are covered by Mobile Pixels INC, excluding customs and taxes.
  • International Orders: No need to return the defective product for international warranty service.

How to Avail of Extended Warranty

To extend your warranty, simply choose the plan that best suits your needs upon purchase or through your account on our website.

By opting for one of our Extended Warranty Plans, you're not just purchasing additional time; you're investing in worry-free usage. Enjoy the convenience, support, and confidence that come with knowing Mobile Pixels INC has got your back well beyond the standard warranty period.