QHD VS. UHD: Is QHD Better Than UHD?

QHD VS. UHD: Is QHD Better Than UHD?

4K UHD is the superior resolution over QHD with exactly twice the amount of pixels present on screen when comparing the specs on paper. 4K UHD is also preferrable for TVs or larger displays, however graphic intensive tasks such as gaming and rendering will be much less taxing on your system's graphics card when rendered in 1440p. 

What Is Better for Gaming: QHD VS UHD?

Although 4K displays are more detailed overall, QHD displays are still incredibly detailed too with double the amount of pixels on screen when compared with 1080p Full HD displays. For gaming, 4K UHD is much more demanding on your system and usually requires a powerful graphics card to run the latest games at this resolution. QHD provides an excellent middle-ground for those looking for high framerates and high levels of detail without breaking the bank.

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