UHD VS. 4K: Is UHD Better Than 4K?

UHD VS. 4K: Is UHD Better Than 4K?

What Is 4K UHD?

4K UHD is a term used to describe the resolution of a monitor or TV, specifically 3840x2160p. 

Is UHD Better Than 4K?

Although the terms "4K" and 'UHD" are used interchangeably, they are not technically the same resolution where 4K UHD refers to 3840x2160p and 4K refers to 4096x2160p. This makes true 4K slightly better on paper, however, this resolution is almost exclusively used in cinemas and film and the vast majority of 4K TVs on the market are UHD.

Is 4K UHD Good for Gaming?

This resolution boasts four times the pixels of Full HD 1080p displays allowing for an overall clearer and more detailed viewing experience. If you are looking for a new TV or a gaming monitor, 4K UHD is a solid choice for those seeking high-resolution pictures. 

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