Duex Plus DS

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  • 13.3-inch 1080p FHD display
  • Only 1.3lbs for its size
  • Perfect for 13"-14" and larger laptops
  • Auto-rotation and eye-care mode
  • Plug and play via USB-C or Mini HDMI
  • Compatible with macOS/ Windows/ Nintendo Switch/ Samsung DeX
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Duex Plus DS second screen for laptop video backgram

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Product Details

Elevate your workspace on-the-go.

Immerse yourself with Duex Plus DS 1080P FHD monitor. Take your laptop experience to the next level by easily expanding your laptop monitor. Customize the display to your work with Duex Plus DS's flexible modes. Switch between Landscape for data analysis, Portrait for coding and reading, Kickstand for professional presentations, and Presentation for collaborative meetings. Experience adaptability that suits your ever-changing tasks.



Screen Size



1920 x 1080 pixels

Screen type



300 nit (adjustable)


Duex Plus DS portable second screen for travel

Improve your dual screen experience.

With automatic swivel, we enjoy a larger workspace on the move, perfect for 13"-14.5" laptops. Weighing in at just 1.3 lbs. and with a slim profile of just 0.25", this ultra-portable monitor is the ideal travel companion.

Duex Plus DS second screen for laptop easy steup

Plug in, power on. Quick setup.

Simply connect it to your laptop by choosing the appropriate connection from the USB-C or Mini HDMI cable, attach the magnet according to the installation guidelines, and the laptop screen extender monitor portable is ready to use! Whether you flip from the left to the right, the portable monitor for laptop automatically flips to achieve ease of use.

Duex Plus DS portable second screen increase productivity

Portability meets productivity.

This sleek and lightweight design, weighing just 1.3lbs and slim at 0.60 inches, ensures you can carry your productivity in easy. Whether you're at a café or a meeting, make a statement with elegance.

Duex Plus DS second screen for laptop has wide compatibility

Compatibility with ease.

Enjoy wide compatibility with laptops, Windows, macOS, Android, Nintendo Switch and Samsung DeX. Easily connect to your technology system for a wide range of devices and operating systems, and also meets your multiple scenarios of use, like teaching, meetings, outdoor work, learning, and so on.

For ergonomic comfort and various scenarios.

Duex Plus DS features auto rotation and can be used in its intended landscape mode, portrait mode, presentation mode, or kickstand mode—perfect for any scenario.

Duex Plus DS second screen for laptop  landscape mode

Landscape mode

Use it as your secondary monitor as a extended display or mirrored display. Say goodbye to toggling between windows and tabs.

Duex Plus DS second screen for laptop presentation mode

Presentation mode

You can also flip the screen 180-degree to the front of your laptop and present the screen to anyone sitting across from you, whether it’s a presentation to your team at work.

Duex Plus DS portable second screen portrait mode

Portrait mode

Detach and set it up vertically, perfect for coding. The portrait mode allows for increased font size, making it super convenient for you to read through the text. The portrait mode best serve web developers, content editors, content writers, proofreaders and programmers.

Duex Plus DS second screen for laptop kickstand mode

Kickstand mode

Buy our Origami Kickstand and attach it to Duex Plus DS. You can now use it as a second screen by placing it on the surface next to your laptop.

Mutiple connection methods

Duex Plus DS second screen for laptop set up with only USB-C to c cable

Using only USB-C to C cable

For laptop has USB-C port with DP ALT mode.

Duex Plus DS portable second screen with HDMI cable

Using USB-C to C cable with HDMI cable

For laptop has USB-C port without DP ALT mode.

Duex Plus DS second screen for laptop set up with Type-A adapter with HDMI cable

Using USB-C to C cable and Type-A adapter with HDMI cable

For laptop has only USB-A and HDMI port.

What's included

one duex plus ds
  • 1× Duex Plus DS
Laptop magnets
  • 4× Laptop magnets
one USB-C cable
  • 1× USB-C cable with USB-A adapter
one mini HDMI to HDMI cable
  • 1× Mini HDMI to HDMI cable
user guide
  • 1× User guide


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