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3 Home Office Setup Tips for the Best Work from Home Desk Setup

3 Home Office Setup Tips for the Best Work from Home Desk Setup

The Evolving Work Space

Developments in technology have transformed the traditional office environment, which countless companies are replacing with more flexible approaches to working that no longer revolve around a specific location. The Covid-19 pandemic has only accelerated this transition, and it is unlikely that this shift toward remote working is going to be slowing down or reversing itself for the foreseeable future. 

Increasingly, employees are spending more and more time working from home, and for some, it has even been on a full-time basis. It has never been more essential, therefore, to design a home office setup that optimizes your productivity and promotes comfort. This is why Mobile Pixels has created this comprehensive guide so that you can explore useful home desk setup tips, from state-of-the-art technology to ergonomic furniture and efficient equipment.  

1. Start with Furniture for the Best Office Setup at Home

Considering how much time you will be seated (or standing) at your desk, it is critical that you purchase ergonomic and functional furniture that will protect you from muscular strain whilst also helping you to be as organized as possible. For example:

  • Ergonomic Chair – An adjustable and professional ergonomic chair that has been designed specifically for prolonged usage. It will provide sufficient support for your back, neck, shoulders, and arms over long periods of time.
Ergonomic desk chair
  • Standing Desk – These desks can be adjusted to various heights so that you can change positions throughout the day. A standing desk will ensure that you can stay somewhat active even whilst you are working so that you can stretch your legs without having to move away from your workspace.
Woman at standing desk
  • Storage – There are various ways that you can keep your desk organized. Whether it is stationary holders, filing cabinets, cable management systems, or shelving, these storage solutions will eliminate the clutter and allow you to find what you need whenever you need it.
Desk with storage
  • Lighting – The impact of lighting on your overall mood and energy levels should never be underestimated. If you can, positioning your workspace close to a window will enable you to make the most of the positive effects of natural lighting. Desk and floor lamps are other options, and they’re a brilliant way to introduce ambiance to your workspace.
Desk near window

2. Don’t Forget The Desk Accessories For Your Work From Home Set-Up

Desk accessories may be overlooked at the expense of more expensive and substantial home office items such as furniture and electronics, but they can have a significant impact on your work from home experience. The following desk accessories are functional as well as entertaining:

  • Lap Desk – There are times when a quick change of scenery is the perfect way to overcome a frustrating mental block or an episode of intense boredom, and this is where a lap desk comes in. If you want to move to another room, you can just transport your lap desk and resume working within minutes, without any fuss.
  • Desk Decor – Wherever you may be working, you should always create a workspace that is yours and yours alone. By personalizing your space with objects that bring you happiness and comfort, such as plants, photos, candles, and diffusers, you can cultivate a work environment that still feels like an extension of your home.
Desk with nice decor
  • Mouse/Keyboard Pad – A mouse pad will enhance the usability of your mouse, as compared to using your mouse directly on the surface of your desk. It will move seamlessly across the pad, without any jitters or interruptions in the movement. A keyboard pad, on the other hand, will prevent your keyboard from slipping and sliding across your desk as you type.

3. Equip Your Home Office Setup With Essential Technology

Without technology, working from home wouldn’t be possible. Technology enables you to communicate with your colleagues and complete projects remotely, and it is crucial that your technology is powerful enough to accommodate your responsibilities and expectations effortlessly. Examples of essential technology include:

  • Computer/Laptop – Ensure that your computer or laptop has the desired specifications when it comes to processing power, graphics and resolution so that you can fulfill all of your obligations as an employee without any interruptions or delays.
Computer with laptop
  • Headphones – When you are working from home, there is a significant likelihood that you are communicating with your superiors and colleagues via an online conferencing platform such as Skype or Zoom. Quality headphones will provide you with an excellent auditory experience whilst also filtering out any background noises and interference.
Woman working on laptop with headphones
  • Keyboard – A keyboard is a versatile extension for your desktop computer as well as your laptop, and choosing the right keyboard will enhance your productivity and performance. Your keyboard should also be ergonomic, in order to protect your shoulders, arms, wrists, and hands from discomfort. 
Person using laptop
  • Monitor – A monitor is a fundamental necessity for anyone who uses their computer or laptop on a regular basis, and it is particularly applicable if you are working from home. Alongside the monitor’s specifications such as display, resolution, and graphics, you should also consider whether you want a stand-alone or a portable monitor as well as how many screens you will require.

Dual monitor for business

Duex Lite dual monitor for laptop

Desk computers, laptops, and stand-alone monitors take up valuable real estate on your desk.   A portable monitor such as the Duex Lite from Mobile Pixels is magnetically attached to your existing computer or laptop. It offers the enhanced convenience and performance of having multiple monitors, without cluttering up your desk.

Mobile Pixels Trio laptop screen extender

If your work is particularly demanding, you are constantly multi-tasking or you simply enjoy the luxury that is provided by having as many screens as possible, then you should definitely consider the Trio Max from Mobile Pixels. You’ll have two additional screens, and they won’t occupy any extra space on your desk.

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