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Video Conferencing Equipment: The Best Teleconference Equipment & Video Conferencing Hardware

Video Conferencing Equipment: The Best Teleconference Equipment & Video Conferencing Hardware

Working From Home And Video Conferencing

Video conferencing and working from home are inextricably linked to one another. Within a remote working environment, video conferences are frequently the preferred method of communication because they enable colleagues and clients to virtually ‘see’ one another regardless of their physical distance. Video conferencing equipment has been designed specifically to ensure that video conferences proceed as seamlessly as possible, and these technologies are meant to promote superior visual and auditory qualities that will ensure video conferences are not only productive but engaging as well.

Person video conferencing

Technology is the basis of remote working. Working from home would simply be impossible in a world without electronic devices and instant communication networks, and this is why it is critical that you have the right tech to support you. Outdated and faulty tech can prevent you from working productively, impact communication with your colleagues and clients and dampen your overall work-from-home experience. With upgraded tech you’ll find that your day goes by much more smoothly and productivity, especially when it comes to video-conferencing.

If you have been wondering what equipment you will need for video conferencing, then you have come to the right place. In this definitive guide, Mobile Pixels will be exploring the most sophisticated video conferencing equipment and video conferencing hardware that will enhance and elevate your video conferences, meetings, and presentations.

What Equipment Do I Need For Video Conferencing?

When it comes to equipment, there are several items that are necessary for video conferencing. Effective communication is essential to your performance as an employee as well as your relationships with your team, and having the right equipment on hand can make all of the difference to the quality of your communications. By ensuring that you have the following essentials, you will be more than prepared for video conferencing:

  • Microphone & Webcam – Typically, your laptop or desktop will have an integrated microphone and webcam, although these can always be purchased separately as an external device if you are not completely satisfied with their auditory and visual quality.
  • Speaker – As with a microphone and webcam, speakers are usually built into your laptop and desktop anyway. However, if you have particular preferences when it comes to the integrity and clarity of the sound, then an external speaker is a worthwhile investment.
Laptop with speakers
  • Video Display – It is important to ensure that your laptop or desktop is configured to display video, as that is the primary purpose of a video conference. For this, you may have to explore the settings of your device and adjust features such as graphics, resolution, and brightness.
  • Video Conferencing Software – Of course, a video conference isn’t possible unless you have downloaded and installed the appropriate software. Examples of these software include Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams as well as WebEx. Prior to any scheduled meetings, ensure that the software is running and that you have registered or logged in.
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Video Conferencing Hardware That Make Virtual Meetings Easier

Whilst these particular hardware may not be essential, they will certainly contribute to a more seamless and comfortable experience. Dealing with auditory interference, substandard visuals, and lagging tech on a daily basis is frustrating and it can have a serious impact on your ability to work collaboratively and productively. Investing in these hardware is definitely worth considering if you are regularly attending video conferences:

  • Wireless Headset – Wireless headphones will detect external noises and effectively suppress them, so that you can focus on what is being said and so that others can focus on what you are saying. They will also eliminate any distractions coming in from the outside world so that you can cultivate a focused and dedicated work environment.
Wireless headphones
  • 1080p Webcam – When working from home, it is usually expected that you will be ‘present’ for management meetings and business conferences via video. Even in this virtual context, first impressions can be crucial to the outcome of a professional interaction, and the last thing you want is to be presented by a grainy and fractured image. An upgraded external webcam will enable you to stream a clearer video.
  • Additional Monitor – For many of us who are working from home, one screen simply isn’t enough to be able to work comfortably. We usually have to allocate one monitor to video conferences, online meetings, and general communications with colleagues, whilst we need another monitor to actually do our work. One solution is an additional screen. With an additional monitor, you can multitask during meetings and oversee presentations with greater efficiency, as well as enjoy a wider view of proceedings. The benefits associated with multiple screens and video conferencing are further explained here.

External monitors are incredibly effective when it comes to accommodating a flexible work schedule or work environment. You can easily transport your external monitor, whether it is within a hybrid working environment or one that is completely remote. 

Portable monitors are additional external monitors that can be attached to your PC, laptop or electronic device, and it is ideal for employees who want to effectively manage their workloads, multi-task with ease, and keep their desks as organized as possible. It means that you can benefit from the additional productivity and efficiency that multiple screens provide, without having to waste any of the valuable space on your desk.

One particularly unique benefit is that of portability because you can take your additional screens with you everywhere within and outside your home. They are therefore perfect for individuals who are constantly travelling or who like to diversify their work environment throughout the day.

Duex Plus dual monitor for laptop

For one additional external portable monitor, you should purchase the Duex Plus by Mobile Pixels.

If, on the other hand, you are interested in two extra screens, then the Trio Max by Mobile Pixels is the perfect choice for you.

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