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The 10 Best Tools for Writers

The 10 Best Tools for Writers

Writing is not easy. Whether you're a professional content writer, a personal blog writer, or an author, everyone knows that once you get in the zone, rules are bent, if not broken. This is why it can be helpful to have some of the best writing tools in your arsenal for running preliminary checks on your article once you get to the editing stage. These tools won't write your articles for you - as they shouldn't, but they will make the process smoother.

Writing tools fall into three main types; word processing and editing tools, productivity and organization software, and office and workspace tools. We've also covered some bonus tools for you at the end.

Let's dive in!


At this point, everyone in the writing world has heard about Grammarly. Grammarly is a grammar-checking tool that catches your spelling and grammar mistakes. It categorizes issues according to correctness, clarity, engagement, and delivery. When you plug in an article, your errors show up on the right side of the screen with suggestions to fix them.

The tool includes plagiarism detection and other advanced suggestions if you opt for the premium version. Grammarly can be used for free, or $30 per month, or $144 per year for the Premium version.

Microsoft Word

If you've got the entire Microsoft Office suite, you literally have the whole world at your fingertips. This tool falls into the word-processing category, and most of us are familiar with it already. Remember the school projects and essays you used to type up? You must have picked up some tricks along the way.

Ms Word is simple and intuitive to use. The user interface can be navigated easily. You can highlight sections you want to come back to later, you can run a quick search for the word you want to find, and you can also use the track changes feature to make it easy to edit your work or other people's work which gives them the ability to accept or reject the changes made. Word also has a spell-check feature.


This writing tool is a book writing software that has been engineered to streamline projects with heavy volumes. The tool is a one-time purchase, costing $49 for lifetime access, and provides the writer with an overview of their project. Scrivener has organizational features that you can use to ensure that your writing plan is executed to the tee.

The tool is not only a word processor; it also has goal-setting features and organization features to arrange your thoughts and develop characters and plot points. Basically, it has everything you need to come up with a well-written story. Additionally, it has auto-save, ensuring that your work is always safe and secure.


Named after Ernest Hemingway, this free writing tool is for everyone. It is a writing software that checks your work's readability according to various levels from grade one and above. The website is very simple to use, as all you have to do is plug in your work and wait for the editor to read it.

The work is commented on, and you can make the edits suggested by the editor. The application has been engineered to make your work sound more fluid. Sometimes, your work can be choppy, and having an editor on hand to fix the problem is a Godsend.

Google Docs

Another word-processing software that everyone has heard of, Google Docs is an excellent technology for writers. It's free and easy to use and doesn't require any backups because of the auto-save feature. Everything is stored in the cloud, so if the power goes out suddenly or your laptop dies, you haven't lost anything.

Moreover, you can collaborate with other writers and editors in your document, whereby they can make suggestions and react to your work, and you can choose whether to accept their suggestions or not. You can also switch between three modes: editing, suggesting, and viewing. If you choose to edit, the changes made will appear on the document's right side.


Evernote can be used for free or you can pay $8.99 monthly for the professional version of the app. The application has been designed to help you organize your ideas and research. You can use the app to collect various sources of inspiration in one place - many copywriters use it as a swipe file to keep pieces that strike a chord with them in one place.

The app has the added benefit of allowing you to sync between all your devices so that you have everything you need wherever you are. If something inspires you while on a walk, you can quickly jot it down on Evernote to ensure the idea doesn't get lost.  

Ergonomic Desk Setups

One of the best literal writing tools is an ergonomic desk setup. Ergonomic desk setups are workspaces designed to fit and support you best. Not everyone is the same, as each individual has unique requirements to make a workspace comfortable. For example, a tall desk can be uncomfortable for a short person.

An ergonomic space has multiple components, such as a comfortable chair that supports your spine, a desk that is set at the proper height for you to type, an external ergonomic keyboard, good lighting, and other elements like a candle that can help make the space feel calmer for you.

Blue Light Computer Glasses

Prolonged exposure to screens can damage your eyesight. As a writer, you will likely spend around four to six hours staring at the screen daily - perhaps even longer if you are on a deadline. Blue light computer glasses can reduce eye strain.

Blue light blockers reduce eye fatigue and other issues like headaches and blurred vision. They also slow down or prevent age-related macular degeneration. Blue light reaches all the way to the retina, which is why you need blue light glasses to mitigate the damage.

Lastly, and a personal favourite, blue light glasses will help you sleep better at night. This is also one of the best writing tools for students who have reading and writing-intensive degrees.


An excellent keyboard such as the MP keyboard is an essential tool in any writer's arsenal. Clunky keyboards that aren't smooth and satisfying to type on may hinder productivity, at least on a psychological level.

A good keyboard is something that fosters accurate and fast typing. The keys should be quiet and soft so that you can focus on your work. In the spirit of space-saving, you can also invest in a foldable keyboard to save space when you are working on something else.

Dual Stacked Monitors

Dual Stacked Monitors

Dual-stacked monitors, like the Geminos monitor, are game changers. A dual-stacked monitor setup is one in which you stack two displays vertically. Usually, the dual monitors are attached to a single pole, and you can adjust the upper monitor according to your needs. Sometimes, mounting brackets are used to secure each monitor to the wall.

There are several benefits of dual-stacked monitors:

  1. Efficient workplace: You have more viewing surfaces in less space. If you are working with multiple documents or applications simultaneously, you can shift focus between two without having to constantly minimize or maximize windows.
  2. More desk space: Given that workspaces are shrinking and homes are becoming smaller, there isn't much space for everyone to work with. Dual-stacked monitors tackle this problem by giving you more in less space.
  3. Great for standing desks:TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn - wherever you look, everyone is touting the benefits of standing desks. Vertical monitors and standing desks are a match made in heaven. They combine productivity and health in a neat package.

Working from home can be a hassle if you don't have the proper setup or the proper tools to help you do your work. There are many ways you can improve the quality of your work day. Therefore, it's important to do your research when you decide to set up a home workstation.

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