6 Tips for Crafting a Minimalist Desk Setup

6 Tips for Crafting a Minimalist Desk Setup

An ideal desk setup should not just be easier on the eyes, but it should also maximize your work efficiency. When setting up your optimal workstation, keeping in mind the principles of minimalism is a great way to keep the space clean and functional.

Why Create A Minimalist Desk Setup? 

There are good reasons why minimalist desk setups are a popular choice. Not only do they help de-clutter your workstation, but they also make it more aesthetically pleasing and more enjoyable to work in. 

Your workspace is one of those corners where you spend quite a few hours a day, and it definitely has an impact on your productivity. It makes sense to curate your workstation in a way that helps you maximize efficiency. The more jumbled and cluttered your work desk is, the more likely it is to cause distractions throughout the day and hamper your workflow.

A disorganized work desk is sure to not only make it far more difficult for you to find important things when needed, but it also causes subconscious and undue stress. A cleaner, de-cluttered desk allows you to organize things in order of preference and keep all essential things within reach. This helps keep distractions at bay and helps you stay zen and focused during your work hours!

minimalist desk setup

Minimalist Desk Setup Ideas for a Streamlined Workspace 

>How do you go about setting up your ideal workspace?Well, here are a few ways to help you achieve the minimalist desk setup of your dreams: 

Adopt a habit of putting away items that aren't in use 

We all struggle with procrastination and being distracted while on the job every once in a while. An excellent way to counter this is to keep your workstation in check time and again. Any items not being used or needed at the moment, stack away neatly – out of sight, out of mind! 

This especially applies to all phones or gadgets, which are usually our primary source of distractions these days. 

Have a concealed storage spot for items not in use 

While the urge to have everything on display for ease of use is understandable, it may be a counter-productive approach. Rather than having a bunch of stationery sitting on your desk at all times occupying space, only keep daily-use items on your work desk. 

Instead of keeping a bunch of pens, markers, or staplers in a cluttered corner of your desk, keep only one at a time; store away the extras in a desk drawer. If you don't have a desk drawer, keep the amenities in a cabinet or basket that you can tuck away underneath your desk. 

Incorporate a cord-hiding/organizing system 

Tangles, cords, and wires are a big no-no when setting up a workstation. Not only is it dangerous to have electrical cords spread all over, but it also makes the whole space look messy. 

Cord organizers or cable covers can make your work setup much more streamlined.

Choose Bluetooth accessories for a cleaner look 

A better option is to eliminate the need for wires in your workspace! Wireless Bluetooth-enabled headphones, mouse, keyboard, and speakers help de-clutter your workstations. 

Opt for a neutral-colored workspace 

Colors have a significant influence on our moods and stress levels. Pastel or neutral colors are popular choices for work setups and furniture. These colors make the table and space easy to clean and look more organized, professional, and de-cluttered. 

Invest in a space-saving monitor 

Geminos vertical monitors are ideal for a minimalist desk setup for those that live or work in small spaces. These vertically elongated monitors allow you to have more screen real estate without taking up a lot of desk space. 

vertical monitors for a minimal desk setup

If want to work smarter, check out Mobile Pixel's sleek and minimal productivity tech to elevate your work desk setups. 

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