10 Best Monitors of CES 2023

10 Best Monitors of CES 2023

With over 3200+ exhibitors from over 173 regions of the world, the Customer Electronic Show 2023 still stands out as one  the best and highly anticipated tech shows in the world. This year there was an innovative exhibition of premium and upgraded versions of an array of different products. The PC monitors were not left out of the exhibition with several monitor makers showing their own version of value and future display. From myriad of these products, here are our best 10 monitors CES 2023:

1. Dell Ultrasharp U3224KB

Dell Ultrasharp U3224KB ces monitor 2023

Dell’s ultra-sharp U3224KB monitor is the world’s first 6K resolution monitor with IPS Black panel technology that provides UP TO 1.4 times higher contrast, 41% better blacks, and 1.2 times enhanced color accuracy. This powerhouse has firmly etched itself in the professional category with exceptional sharpness, details, and color accuracy. Some of its unique features include:

  • 5-inch monitor with 6K (6,144 x 3,456) resolution
  • IPS Black, contrast ratio of 2,000:1
  • 100% sRGB, 100% Rec. 709, 99% DCI-P3, 99% Display P3
  • VESA Display HDR 600
  • 4K dual gain webcam with AI auto-framing and Safe Shutter
  • Built-in echo cancellation mics and dual 14-watt speakers

2. Mobile Pixels Geminos

Mobile Pixels Geminos ces monitor 2023

The Geminos is an outstanding and innovative creation of Mobile Pixels. This dual 24-inch monitor screen can be infinitely adjusted with its linkage system. This product prioritizes your ergonomic alignment and best work posture allowing you to adjust the screens based on your preferred height. Now, you don’t have to strain your neck or back as you work. Wherever you work from, Geminos is sure to be a great addition to your work setup with an all-inclusive display setup and workstation consisting of a full HD webcam for video conferencing, powerful speakers and a 100 W USB hub that’s capable of USB-C pass-through charging for your laptop in just 1-2 hours

  • Dual 24-inch stacked monitor
  • USB Type C connectivity with max. 100W power delivery
  • 10-in-1 multiport docks
  • Built-in webcam, speakers and mic
  • Adjustable height and viewing angle
  • Compatible with macOS, Windows, XBox and Playstation

3. Asus Proart Display OLED PA32DCM

Asus Proart Display OLED PA32DCM ces monitor 2023

This product is the world’s first OLED monitor with automatic calibration. Its exclusive technology enables it support multiple HDR formats providing creators an ideal platform for working with fast-moving HDR content. Its exceptional features include:

  • 5-inch 4K (3840 x 2160) HDR OLED panel with RGB stripes and 99% DCI-P3 color gamut.
  • Built-in colorimeter and ASUS Auto Calibration complement ASUS ProArt Calibration software as well as Calman and Light Illusion ColourSpace CMS professional hardware calibration software.
  • True 10-bit color depth and 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio provides the deepest blacks and accurate highlights.
  • Supports multiple HDR formats, including Dolby Vision®, HLG and HDR10.

4. Samsung Odyssey OLED G9

Samsung Odyssey OLED G9 ces monitor 2023

This right here is a showstopper in the Samsung Odeyssey series! It is Samsung’s largest 1000R gaming monitor. It is an ultra-wide (49” display) and curved gaming monitor operating natively at 5,120 x 1440 pixels and 240HZ. This monitor is the high-end gaming monitor every gamer needs. With a quantum dot technology OLED lighting that is controlled pixel-by-pixel, this dual quad-HD 49” 1800R curved display allows a near infinite contrast ratio!

Unlike traditional screens, G9’s rapid 240HZ refresh rate enables you have up to four times as many frames displayed every second.

5. Samsung Odyssey Neo G9

Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 ces monitor 2023

This is the world’s first dual UHD Gaming monitor that delivers 7,680×2,160 lifelike resolution and a 32:9 aspect ratio in one screen giving gamers an unparalleled field view of details! Supporting a refresh rate of 240Hz gamers can forget about missing a thing! One of the secrets to Neo G9’s resolution lies in its Quantum Matrix technology. With this technology, it can vividly reproduce scenes with sharp differences in brightness! The Neo G9 monitor aesthetics enables users create their unique gaming experiences characterized by high resolution and devoid of delays.

6. Samsung Viewfinity 5K

Samsung Viewfinity 5K ces monitors 2023

5,120 x 2880 resolution combined with 99% DCI-P3 wide color gamut, this 5K 27” monitor is optimized for creative professionals such as graphic designers and photographers. It allows users to adjust white balance, Gamma and RGB color balance through the Samsung Calibration application on their smartphones. Accompanying this monitor is a 4K SlimFit camera that supports native video conferencing through apps. This monitor’s impressive feature set was designed to give unmatched image quality to users looking to work, play and live through their monitors.

7. Mobile PixelsTrio

Mobile PixelsTrio ces monitor 2023

Why stick with just one monitor when you can maximize your gaming experience and heightened your work productivity with the Mobile Pixels Trio. Triple monitors and laptop extenders are no doubt one of the coolest innovations at the moment for working professionals, coders, data analysts, stock traders, and it's gradually finding its way into other professions. Trio is an easy-to-use laptop screen extender designed to help boost your productivity and speed. It’s 14” Full HD screen interface gives you a better experience while using you laptop. It is portable for travels, easy to set up and can be moved from one place to another. It comes with a USB C/USB and is compatible with Mac Windows and OS.

8. Acer Predator X45

Acer Predator X45 ces monitor 2023

Tagged as the world’s curviest gaming monitor, the ACER Predator x45 is a massive 45-inch QHD OLED display monitor with an 800R curved panel that sports a 3400 x 1400-pixel resolution and a viewing angle of 178 degrees. Its 3440x1440 resolution panel, super rounded 800 R curve, 1000 nits brightness and AMD’s FreeSync-compatible display is sure to give you an amazing gaming experience in super-sized format. Alongside its jaw-dropping features, this beauty-to-behold is a TUV Rheinland EyeSafe-certified monitor that prevents color degradation when the blue light reduction feature is activated allowing you to comfortably work on it for a long time.

With a color coverage of 98.5% DCI-P3 and a refresh rate of 240Hz, the peak brightness of this monitor can reach 1000 nits and its response time is 0.01ms!

9. Asus Rog Swift Pro PG248QP

Asus Rog Swift Pro PG248QP ces monitor 2023

This recently unveiled at the CES 2023 gaming monitor  is a step-up version to the previously released ROG Swift 500 Hz. The 24.1-inch monitor  operates at 1,920 x 1,080 pixels and supports NVIDIA G-SYNC which minimizes image tearing. Its NVIDIA Reflex Analyser also helps to assess system latency. Its quad DAC supports the ESS codec helping it to decrease audio latency.  Thanks to its new Esports TN (E-TN) panel, it operates at amazing 540 Hz and a 8% overlock giving you a one-of-a-kind gaming experience. It’s sleek design allows you use a wide base for support which helps your posture when using your mouse and keyboard.

10. LG Ultragear 27GR95QE-B

LG Ultragear 27GR95QE-B ces monitor 2023

This 27-inch beauty allows you a good combination of speed and high picture quality. Its OLED 16:9 Display, 240Hz Monitor Refresh Rate and 0.03ms response time gives you a fluid gaming motion and an outstanding performance.

It offers premium picture quality with HDR/DCI-P3 and 1.5M: 1 Contrast Ratio. When you equip your gaming battlestation with this  NVIDIA®-validated and G-SYNC®-Compatible gaming monitor, you are assured of faster, smoother gaming that's void of screen tearing and stutter. Its height can easily be adjusted to your specifications. It comes with a HDMI 2.1 and DisplayPort 1.4 for smoother color transition and more vivid images.

So there you have it- our best CES monitors of 2023. For some of these products, you can always pre-order before their actual launch dateWhatever your choice or specification, there are a wide variety to all Mobile Pixels monitors to explore.

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