College Tech Essentials: 9 Best Devices for College Students

College Tech Essentials: 9 Best Devices for College Students

So, you’re heading off to college and starting what will likely be one of the most key parts of your life. You’re in for a lot of fun, but you need to use your time wisely and remain productive, too. Luckily, modern tech can help with both in some pretty interesting ways.

Today, we want to cover 9 of the best devices for college students to enhance your experience across the board.

Let’s get started.

Dorm Gadgets for College Students

You’re going to be spending a lot of time in your dorm recharging. With heavy workloads, tons of intense testing, and just the stress of adapting to a new environment, you will want some great ways to unwind and add a bit of comfort to your life.

For that, there are three essential leisure items you need before heading off for the first time.

  • Echo Buds: You're going to have a lot of fun with your new college friends, but sometimes, you're going to want some peace. Luckily, these Echo Earbuds are noise-canceling, provide ample sound quality whether you're listening to podcasts or music, and they're Alexa-enabled.
  • Tiny TV: Getting normal TV with a digital antenna takes up a lot of room. The room you may not have in your dorm. Luckily, this Eyoyo 10-inch monitor is compatible with everything from phones to PCs and DVD players. You just need the right connection cables. With your smartphone, a free streaming app such as Tubi, and this monitor, you can get plenty of entertainment cheaply and without taking up space.
  • Wifi: Finally, your school might provide public Wifi, or you might have a data plan on your phone, but what happens when your phone’s data plan runs out, or you need to use Wifi for another device such as a game console or your laptop? Do you want the slow public internet where your security is at risk? This mobile Wifi hotspot comes complete with an affordable monthly data plan and enough bandwidth to run your personal devices securely and smoothly. More importantly, it’s a prepaid subscription. So, there are no contracts to worry about if you can’t afford them for a month or two.

Dual monitor for laptop

Educational Technology for College Students

There have been some innovative products for college students released to the market, and some of them are perfect for enhancing your ability to learn as smoothly as possible. Of course, you’ll still have to put in the work and give it a good ol’ college try, but it’ll be a lot easier with a couple of these in your repertoire.

  • Smart Notebook: You're going to be taking a lot of notes, and it's not always possible for you to bust out your laptop and clickety-clack your way through the class. If you're a slow typer, that’s even more of a problem. Luckily, the Rocketbook Smart Notebook allows you to hand-write your notes just like you would in a normal notebook, scan your notes with your phone, and wipe the pages clean for infinite reusability.
  • Laptop: You will need a laptop if you want to remain productive throughout all of your courses. From homework to projects, and even for entertainment, a laptop will be at the heart of your college experience. Also, you probably can’t afford too much. So, check out this HP Stream 14. It’s snappy and more than capable of handling normal computing tasks or streaming. Just don’t expect to do any modern gaming or heavy multitasking with it. If you can afford better, go for it.
  • Charging: With all the electronics on this list, you’ll be charging things quite a bit. If you think your professor is going to let you plug four different devices in all over the room, or your roommate is going to be okay with you hogging all the outlets, think again. This desktop charging unit is a fancy power strip that allows you to charge USB devices, plug in your laptop and TV, and everything else without taking up more than one wall outlet and a little desk space.

Must-Have College Tech Essentials

Finally, if none of the above college tech essentials piqued your interest, you must check out the last three items on our list. These will work for both entertainment and educational purposes, and they’ll have the most impact on your college experience.

  • Stay informed, on time, and healthy with this Amazfit smartwatch. It's not the fanciest on the market, but it's a lot cheaper than an AppleWatch or a comparable brand, and it packs all the core features you need in a smartwatch. Whether you're tracking your activity to stay healthy, or you're dealing with a busy schedule, this is a must-have item.
  • This DYU e-bike can be crucial for maintaining your freedom in college, and it’s plenty compact enough to fold up and bring into your dorm room with ease. No, it’s not the fastest e-bike, and you won’t want to go for 100-mile journeys on it, but it can get you around a large campus, and through the local area, without the need for expensive Uber rides, a car you can barely afford to maintain, or annoying public transport. Just hop on, twist the throttle, and drive yourself where you need to go. When you get back home, fold it up, stash it under your bed, and charge the battery. It’s that easy. There are a ton of e-bikes available, and this is just a suggestion. Do a bit of window shopping to find the right one for you.
  • Finally, the Duex Plus is the perfect laptop accessory to boost your productivity and enable some high-quality entertainment capabilities. Even if you just have a basic laptop, you can use this second screen to make multitasking a breeze, and it only takes about a minute to set up. Not only that, but if you opt for a fancy gaming laptop or another high-end option, it can boost your gaming and entertainment experience dramatically. This secondary screen is plug-n-play, offers a ton of benefits to enhance your laptop with, and it just got released in several new exciting colors.

Duex Plus dual monitor for laptop

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