Must-Have Equipment To Improve Your Video Editing

Video editing is an art. It needs skills and expertise. However, having the right video editing equipment is also essential to get the best results. There are some must-have tools to use for video editing. They’ll improve your overall editing experience.

Here’s a complete breakdown of video editing equipment you must have to edit audio files and video footage to create educational videos, feature films, promotional ads, and much more.

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Video Editing Office Essentials

Video editing requires a calm and relaxed mind to expand your thoughts and work on alternate possibilities while editing your videos. A comfortable and well-equipped environment is best suited for video editors to perform their tasks using the required tools and technologies. Some essentials are needed to get the best outcome for editing videos. We will discuss them below.

1. Essential Furniture for Video Editor

It would help if you had a comfortable chair for video editing because you’ll be sitting in this chair a lot. You should spend money on a long-term chair that supports your posture and spinal health in addition to being comfy.

Also, you can have an adjustable lift table so you can adjust it according to your preferences. And yes, remember to get blue light glasses for long hours of screen exposure.

2. Best Video Editing Gear and Accessories

You’ll also need video editing accessories like quality headphones, sound studio speakers, and lighting accessories to brighten up the room while editing.

Investing in a pair of quality headphones for editing videos and embedding music would be best, which will help make you big bucks in the future.

3. Top Tech for Video Editing

A fast computer would be better for working with efficiency. And, for storing a large amount of data or half-edited drafts, you’ll also need an external SSD. A shortcut keyboard for video editing is recommended for editors to get work done quickly.

Mobile Pixels 8 in 1 USB-C hub

You can get an 8-in-1 USB-C Hub with 4K HDMI. It has multi ports for charging and connecting other devices.

You won’t regret getting a Geminos multi-screen monitor for editing your videos. It has an ergonomic design, dual displays, a built-in webcam and speakers, a USB docking station, and a pass-through charging cable. It allows you to adjust the screen based on your preference and comfort. The multi-screen feature is best for full coverage of the videos you’re editing and allows you to multitask.

What to Look for in a Monitor for Video Editing

The monitor is the primary accessory for video editing. You should consider connectivity, pixel density, ergonomics, and peak brightness to enhance your workflow and the quality of the video you edit. Here are a few things you should consider in the best monitor for video editing.

1. Opt For Double Display

Mobile Pixels Geminos

If you want to increase efficiency and improve your work, you can get two 24-inch displays where you can work simultaneously without switching tabs. Dual-screen and touch display is a perfect solution to save time and deliver a quality result.

2. HD Resolution

It is essential to have a high-definition display for editing videos. 1080x1920 resolution is perfect for video editing. A higher resolution gives you more room to manipulate the video when editing.

A high-resolution video is much clearer and sharper than a low-resolution image or a video, which makes it an essential factor before buying the best monitor for video editing.

3. High Brightness

Another essential factor to look for in a monitor is to go for over 3000 nits of brightness for better viewing.

4. Contrast Ratio

Color accuracy plays a vital role in buying a monitor. You must get a detailed display to smooth up the editing process to get the correct design precision.

5. Touch Screen

Touch screen monitors have revolutionized the editing process, making it much easier to create designs with the features touch screen provides. All you have to do is touch and drag and drop elements while editing.

Geminos monitor allows you to stack up two 24-inches displays, helping you increase your productivity. The fifth generation, adjustable dual-screen desktop monitor offers all you want in a monitor for editing your videos effectively. You can adjust the screens according to your preference and set an ergonomic alignment during work hours.

The best thing about this setup is it has powerful speakers, a full high-definition webcam for video conferencing, and a hub for connecting USB for charging your laptop.


Video editing is a tough job. You need a relaxing environment to fix and embed videos perfectly. You’ll need comfy furniture to relax and work in an ideal environment for a completely comfortable setup. You must get video editing accessories and gadgets like quality headphones, stacked dual-screen high-definition displays, and studio sound speakers to make the work easier and more fun.

You can visit Mobile Pixels Accessories and check out more products for a top-quality video editing experience to get improved and enhanced results.