Mobile Pixels Monitors: Prime Day Deals with Geminos, Trio, Duex You Can't Miss

Mobile Pixels prime day deal

Multi-monitor setups are taking the world by storm — and for good reason!

These revolutionary monitors not only offer extra screen space, which helps increase productivity and reduce errors and stress, but it also brings down the time spent on data extraction.

So, when Geminos was pitched on Kickstarter, it was met with resounding success. Mobile Pixel has continued to experience a surge in popularity over the years. And today, it boasts a total pledged amount of $6,152,998 with the help of 17,814 backers, many of whom are repeat supporters, which speaks for the quality of the products.

Join us as we take a closer look at some of the best multi-monitor setups that you can get your hands on during the Prime Day sale!

Geminos Stacked Monitor: Unleash the Power of Dual Screens

Geminos dual stacked monitors

Geminos is a dual 24" backlit LED monitor, offering an impressive refresh rate of 60Hz and 250 nits of brightness. It comes with a built-in front-facing 1080P webcam, 3W speakers, and a mic for a clutter-free workspace. Geminos connects via a linkage system, so you can adjust the height and viewing angle to ensure a visual experience that’s kinder to your eyes, neck, back, and wrists.

Featuring ultra-thin bezels, the dual monitor connects through two USB Type C and HDMI ports (although you can also download Mobile Pixels driver!) and can be powered through your laptop using USB-C pass-through charging capped at 100W. It’s also compatible with macOS, Windows, Xbox, and Playstation!

Since it was pitched on Kickstarter, Geminos has gained a loyal following of 3,042 backers, who have pledged $2,161,609 to bring this absolute unit to life.

The Geminos is available at up to 40% on Prime Day Deals — no code required! To avail of this offer, log in any time between July 11 and 12.

Trio Monitor: Elevate Your Multitasking Experience

Trio triple monitor for laptop

Trio is a multi-screen accessory that functions as a laptop screen extender. It magnetizes to the back of your laptop to expand your screen space and helps boost your productivity.

Compact and lightweight, Trio offers increased ease of mobility. It is available in two sizes, 12.5" and 14.1", each with a 1080p high-resolution display that comes with a brightness adjustment feature. It also provides 270° rotation for a flexible viewing angle.

It connects with any laptop using USB-C and A ports, supports plug-and-play, and is compatible with macOS, Windows, Android smartphones, and Nintendo Switch.

Trio is highly sought-after on Kickstarter, receiving support from 2,599 backers, who have pledged a remarkable sum of $816,269 to bring it to life.

The Trio is available for up to 40% off on Prime Day, between July 11 and 12.

Discount applies automatically — no code needed.

Duex Max Monitor: Enhance Your Efficiency on the Go

Duex Max monitor for laptop

DUEX Max, coming in at just 1.8 lbs, is a perfect attachment for laptops with 14" or larger displays.

You get to enjoy a 1080P auto-rotation display that easily slides out from either side of your macOS/Windows-supported laptop with a USB-C or USB-A connection. It delivers 300 nits max brightness and offers plug-and-play and high-speed video transmission for a superior visual experience.

DUEX Max also comes with eye care mode, which allows you to work as well as play in low-light conditions without dealing with eye fatigue or headaches!

This laptop accessory, available in four stunning hues, is supported by 3,135 backers on Kickstarter, who have pledged $833,460 to make it happen.

The iconic Duex Max is available at a discounted price on Prime Day.

Get it for up to 40% off between July 11 and 12, no code needed!

Duex Plus Monitor: Expand Your Productivity Horizon

Duex Plus monitor for laptop

Duex Plus is designed for 13-14" laptops with a screen size of 13.3" FHD. Its 1080P display provides crisp visuals, and it also connects with Nintendo Switch for an immersive gaming experience you’ll actively seek. Weighing 1.3 lbs, Deuz Plus is the perfect portable accessory for macOS or Windows-supported laptops.

This plug-and-play solution connects to your laptop with a USB-C or USB-A port. It also features a G-sensor for auto-rotation, with a special focus on ergonomics to deliver a visual experience that’s kinder to your body.

The Deux Plus is now available at a discounted rate of up to 40% off on Prime Day (no code required), running from July 11 to July 12.

Duex Lite Monitor: Compact and Portable Productivity Companion

Duex Lite portable monitor for laptop

Duex Lite is a 12.5" 1080P full HD attachable monitor display available in six expressive matte finishes from dark blue, sky blue, and lilac to green, gray, and white.

It weighs 1.3 lbs and is designed to help you transform your one-screen setup into a dual-screen powerhouse on the go with a sliding lid. You can also adjust the brightness to ensure eye comfort and get superior compatibility with a range of devices, including macOS and Windows, with a DisplayPort-enabled USB-C port.

Duex Lite and Plus have collectively grabbed the attention of 3,956 backers on Kickstarter, who have pledged $1,036,025 to bring this portable accessory to life.

The Duex Lite is now up for grabs at up to 40% on Prime Day. Get yours anytime between July 11 and July 12; no code needed!

About Mobile Pixels

Founded in 2016, Mobile Pixels strives to reinvent productivity and deliver an optimal user experience. The company uses a wealth of experience and knowledge to deliver compact portable desktop solutions to users seeking better flexibility in their workspace.

Bring a Mobile Pixels monitor home today, and watch how it elevates your productivity and efficiency!

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