4 Benefits of a Stacked Monitor Setup: Productivity, Ergonomics, & More

4 Benefits of a Stacked Monitor Setup: Productivity, Ergonomics, & More

With much of the workforce still operating from home, many remote employees are realizing it’s time for a permanent home office upgrade. One of the most important elements of a productive work setup includes monitors – second screens that allow you to operate multiple software and web apps at once.

If you’re someone who needs to juggle multiple tasks at once without covering your desk in extra screens, a stacked monitor setup might be the answer. When you choose a vertical dual monitor setup, you’ll unlock all of the benefits of leveling up your monitor to a stacked setup.

What is a Vertical Dual Monitor Setup?

Now that everyone uses a computer and a laptop for work, we can’t deny the benefits of extra screens, and a dual vertical monitor setup takes this to the next level. When a worker uses multiple tabs on a single workstation, there’s a high chance his frustration will take over his productivity. So, for people who enjoy multitasking or work on multiple tabs, setting up two monitors is necessary.

That’s where the need for vertical monitors kicks in. A vertical stack setup means the monitors are stacked on top of each other with their screens aligned with one another.

stacked monitor setup

Vertical Monitor Benefits

You've probably seen stacked monitor setups before, but they are increasingly common for people with small desks. And especially with the remote hybrid work models becoming increasingly popular, it looks like it won't be long before these vertical monitors take over our regular monitor setups. Here are a few perks of having a vertical monitor setup: 

Experience stacked monitor ergonomics

On top of everything, vertically stacked monitors lessen neck strain significantly. With this setup, you no longer have to move your head back and forth to read as you do with horizontally-oriented monitors. Monitors like the Mobile Pixels Geminos is nothing like your conventional monitors that hinder your productivity.

If you’re interested in benefitting from stacked monitor ergonomics the Geminos has all the features you need to work more comfortably. The top of this monitor slides up and down, and the bottom monitor pivots in and out to create a surface with a bent visual appearance. This means less strain for you, and more productivity and efficiency in your work.

stacked monitor setup

Save space with stacked monitor setups

Typical dual monitors can end up spanning across your entire desk, making the space feel cramped while leaving little room for other items. On the flip side, vertical monitors make use of vertical space, which frees up more space on your desk. If you have a limited workspace or want to give your office a cleaner, more minimalist look, a vertical setup is the answer for you! 

stacked monitor setup

Take advantage of portrait mode

Unlike horizontally oriented monitors, which don't allow for optimal viewing of portrait documents or photos, stacked screens allow for better views of portrait mode. With these monitors, you don't even have to sacrifice any screen real estate – all because of the Portrait Mode. This mode makes reading long documents, editing code, and viewing portrait photos simpler than ever. 

stacked monitor setup

Reduce eye strain

Another plus of vertically stacked monitors is that they reduce eye strain by limiting the length of lines of text. When reading left to right, our eyes must adjust from the end of the previous line of text on the left to the beginning of the next line of text on the right. So, these vertical monitors take charge and shorten lines of text to help users read more like a page of a book or a magazine – helping you read quicker and more comfortably.

stacked monitor setup

If you’re looking for ways to enhance your productivity, a stacked-up monitor configuration might be just what you need. Once you begin to use multiple monitors at once, you won’t have your work life any other way!

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