How to Set Up Triple Monitors for Laptops

How To Set Up Triple Monitors For Laptops

A tri-screen laptop is becoming commonplace in 2022 and will be even more popular in 2023 as more people opt for remote and hybrid workplace solutions.

What is a Triple Monitor Setup?

Simply put, a triple monitor setup involves three monitors connected to one source - a laptop or computer - to display one image. Various cables can connect a laptop to three monitors, such as HDMI, BGA, or Thunderbolt three.

Trio Triple Monitor Setup

Is a Triple Monitor Setup Worth it?

The short answer is yes. The triple monitor setup enhances productivity and improves your work or gaming experience.

You can reap the benefits of a laptop with multiple screens whether you're a professional working from home, a creative freelancer, or a gamer. Triple monitors do away with the task of clicking and switching between screens.

Multiple monitors increase your productivity

You increase your productivity in various ways with a tri-screen laptop setup. The extra display will help you perform various tasks when you're working, creating a more efficient workflow and eliminating the hassle of flipping between screens when you multitask. Some of the tasks made easier by multiple screens include:

1. Work and conferencing

If you are a professional working from home, you are no stranger to endless meetings on your laptop with team members.

Communication is an essential part of working remotely, and triple monitors make the job much easier. You can conduct a Zoom call with team members on one screen while using the other to polish up some of your work or share a screen.

Multitasking is the essence of working efficiently, and tri-screen laptops help you do just that. There is no switching between screens, and you can easily listen in on the meeting while ticking something off your to-do list.

2. Gaming

Your gaming experience will enhance tenfold with a triple-screen setup as it creates a more wholesome experience while also affording you a good look at the game from all angles.

3. Video clips or programming

Sometimes, you need to learn a new technique or need some tech guy to explain how to solve a problem in a video. You can pull up the video on one screen and resolve the issue on the other or follow along with what the guy is doing. This makes the process more seamless to get through.

4. Streaming

What's better than one screen for streaming? Three! Create an immersive experience for yourself with a triple-screen setup, and have your friends over for movie night.

5. Sharing

Many of us have to present at work, share some data we collected, or even go over some copy with our junior copywriter. It just depends on your role. The point is, you can share your screen and communicate with the team more efficiently using a triple monitor setup.

6. Creating

As a graphic designer and illustrator, having multiple screens to look closely at your work is helpful because you must ensure every detail is perfect.

Trio second monitor for laptop

What to look for in triple monitors for a laptop?

You need to keep a number of things in mind when choosing your second and third monitors. We've explored some of these below:

  • Suitable screen size for the laptop
    You need to find a screen that doesn't look awkward next to your laptop’s. In general, the screen sizes range from 3.5 inches to 22 inches, but you need to choose something that isn't too small or too big for the size of your laptop.

    Ideally, the screen size should be between 12 to 17 inches. Most people opt for something that's the exact same size as their laptop or just a little smaller.

  • High-resolution
    You can either opt for a high-resolution screen to assist your laptop with a better viewing experience or something similar to your laptop's native resolution. In general, the extra monitors tend to be dimmer than a laptop at their maximum brightness levels.
  • Auto-rotation display
    If this is important to you, and it might be if you need to read large chunks of text or work on a creative piece, you need to check if your chosen monitor has an auto-rotation display. The Mobile Pixels Trio, for example, has a G-sensor for auto-rotation on your additional screen for laptops.
  • Eye-care mode
    The screen's harsh glare can damage your eyes, especially if you use it for long periods. It is important to protect your eyesight from damage, so you should look for eye-care modes when perusing additional screens.
    This means that your screen should have a blue-light filter to protect vision and reduce eye strain by reducing the contrast. With a blue-light filter, you can focus better as well.
  • Multi-Device compatibility
    If you want to switch between devices with your monitor, it's best to make a one-time investment in a screen that has multi-device compatibility, which means it can support various devices like regular laptops or the Samsung DeX, Macbook, or Nintendo Switch.
  • Hybrid signal input
    A hybrid signal input allows you to quickly set up your screen with any laptop. In some cases, this means quick connectivity with any laptop that has a USB C or USB A port.
    You can seamlessly transition to a Mobile Pixels trio monitor for laptops if you want to set up triple monitors in your home office or gaming room.

How do I Set Up Triple Monitors on a Laptop?

Here's a brief guide to help you set up triple monitors on your laptop.

Check if you have the required cables

Apart from dropping money on your screen, it is likely that you will have to explore the possibility of buying cables. In general, a triple screen setup requires 2 HDMI ports, one display port, or three ports that will connect to your monitors.

Check your laptop’s ports and sort your cables out here.

Configure display settings

The process isn't as simple as it may seem. You don't just plug in the screen, and they work. You need to get some technical things out of the way - like configuring them or downloading the right drivers.

Let's go over the basic steps you need to follow to configure your display settings:

Configuring your display settings on Windows 10 or 11:

  1. Right-click on the screen and choose “display settings”.
  2. The display settings will indicate three monitors labeled 1, 2, and 3.
  3. Click and check which monitor is which.
  4. If a monitor is missing, click on the number that is missing and click “detect”.
  5. Once that is sorted, click "Save," and your monitors are ready for use!

Tri-screen monitor setup for Macbooks:

  1. Go to Finder.
  2. Go to “system settings”.
  3. Click on “displays” in the sidebar or simply search “displays” in the search bar.
  4. Select the “+” pop-up menu on the right, below your Mac's name.
  5. Choose your display.
  6. If a display isn't showing, click “detect display” on the right, or you can put your Mac to sleep and wake it.

For additional help, click here.

Trio triple monitor setup

How to set up the Mobile Pixels Trio Monitor

We're sharing a brief insight into how to connect one of the Mobile Pixels Trio Monitors:

  • Mount
    You can mount the triple screen by attaching the Trio or Trio Max Clip to the first unit. Then, you can attach the second unit to the clips. Next, attach the pieces to the laptop. For more detail, please check our step-by-step installation guide.
  • Connect

    Once you have set up the mount, you need to plug the Mobile Pixels monitor cable into the designated port on your laptop.

  • Install
    Similar to other setups, you need to install the monitor's drivers for your laptop. You can download the drivers here.

Features to Consider when Choosing the Triple Monitors for Laptops

You need to look for specific features to make sure that the portable monitor you choose is the right fit for you.

  • Size
    Size is paramount. Choose your perfect size based on the size of your laptop's screen. In addition, you should consider what you need it for. If you need it for designing or editing thousands of lines of code, you can consider going slightly bigger.
  • Weight
    You also need to think about weight. Consider whether you will be using your monitor at home or lugging it around with you to school, a coffee shop, or even work. You should be comfortable carrying it around, and it shouldn't begin to seem like a burden when you make longer or more frequent trips.
  • Screen clarity
    Clarity is absolutely essential for a second or third screen. Since meetings with the office are common now, it is important for the screen to be clear, especially when someone is sharing their screen with you.
    It is also important to factor in screen clarity when coding, editing videos or images, or designing logos. On the other hand, a 4K resolution is not a must for gaming.
  • Multi connectivity
    Your screens need to be able to connect to your laptop and other devices. It is best to choose a USB C or USB A connection because that's the new standard for most devices.
  • Screen protector
    Protect your tri-screen laptop from getting scratched on the go or at home. The longevity of your portable screen depends on whether you have a screen protector. It is best to cover all the bases when making a big investment.
  • Power supply
    Make sure that your screen is either battery-operated or doesn't leech on too much of your laptop's power.

Looking for the best triple monitor for your laptop? Try the Mobile Pixels Trio!

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