The Top 5 Pieces of Streaming Equipment Every Gamer Needs

The Top 5 Pieces of Streaming Equipment Every Gamer Needs

For gamers, it’s always the perfect time to curl up in front of the PC and stream their gameplay on YouTube, Twitch, and other live-streaming platforms. While thousands of gamers are competing to showcase their specialties, it all comes down to how well you can entertain your audience that ultimately determines your success at streaming.

If there’s one thing that helps them achieve their goal, it’s the right set of streaming equipment for gaming. To become a streaming star, you need to get your hands on the perfect equipment, and watch how it adds value to your viewership! 

Basic Streaming Equipment for Gaming 

To get started, you need to make sure you have the right equipment at hand. Whether you're just starting out or trying to upgrade your current stream setup, here’s what you need to have at a minimum: 

  • A computer that can run video games: Without a doubt, the first thing you need is a fully-fledged, reliable PC to stream on. Make sure you have enough processing power to support the games you’re interested in streaming.
  • Stable & reliable Wi-Fi: Having to stop your stream because of an internet problem is more than a nuisance as a streamer. It may be worth upgrading your internet plan and hardware before you go all-in.
  • A quiet space away from people/distractions: While streaming, possibly the last thing you want is to be distracted. So, we’d recommend allotting a quiet space for yourself, that keeps you away from everything that might disturb you – especially if you live with family or roommates!

pc gaming and streaming equipmentGeminos Stacked Monitor

Streaming Equipment Upgrades to Take Your Stream to the Next Level 


The higher the quality your audience gets, the more they’re convinced to stay. So, if you want to be clearly seen on your stream, a high-quality camera is unquestionably necessary.

However, the best steamers employ anything that gives them an edge and levels them up in the streaming arena. So, they prefer going for DSLR or another higher-quality camera in place of a webcam. For this, we’d recommend the highly promising Mobile Pixels AI Smart Camera


Just as any streaming enthusiast would know, it’s critical to occasionally engage your audience to keep them interested. For this, nothing beats a top-quality microphone to stream. Let’s be real, built-in microphones on computers don’t have the best sound quality.

For the viewers to be able to hear you well, a standalone streaming mic that comes with cutting-edge features like noise cancellation, sound isolation, switchable pickup patterns, and more is the answer! 


As a gamer, the most important thing you need for effective streaming is to block out environmental distractions and focus. To listen to your stream to make sure there aren’t any background noises, or play with other gamers without anything coming in the way, a nice pair of headphones is probably the most important streaming equipment for pc. 

Proper Lighting 

When picking out the instruments for your streaming setup, you can’t ignore the need for proper lighting. Your followers want to see you well, and fun lighting can influence the aesthetics and entire mood of your stream. So, don’t forget to configure the camera's graphics with the appropriate lighting and sensitivity. 

Dual Screen 

Hands down the best gear for PC gaming you can get is a dual screen. With this, you get to monitor chat to respond to your viewers, while gaming at the same time. Check out Mobile Pixels Trio for the perfect streaming setup.

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Want to up your streaming game? Now you can stream better with Mobile Pixels’ tech made with gamers in mind.

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