The Top Uses and Benefits of Vertical Monitors

The Top Uses and Benefits of Vertical Monitors
Vertical monitors are growing in popularity recently as they make a multitude of tasks and activities easier and more comfortable. Vertical monitors are just a great evolution of the dual screen – they take up less space and allow you to see more of the screen simultaneously.

The best part is the uses for the vertical monitor aren’t limited to work-related tasks only. In fact, they are quite versatile for everything from jobs to hobbies! Let's look at what vertical monitors are used for and why it may be time for you to invest in one. 

dual monitor used for graphic design

Using Vertical Monitors for Reading

If you need to read through extensive, never-ending documents for work or just need to catch up on e-books for personal productivity or fun, then doing this on a tiny, compact screen is definitely not ideal. If you’re a student and need to go through online textbooks, it's easier to read text on vertical screens due to their orientation. 

The portrait orientation allows for increased font size, making it super convenient for you to read through the text. Also, you don’t have to constantly scroll through the screen, which increases productivity! It also shortens sentence line length, so your eyes don't have to move as much. Vertical monitors can reduce eye strain when reading. If you suffer from eye strain and headaches due to extensive hours spent reading on monitors, this can be a game-changer! 

vertical monitors for reading

Using Vertical Monitors for Coding

Coding projects require you to scroll through thousands of lines of code, which can be time-consuming and frustrating! A vertical monitor shows 82% more text as compared to a traditional horizontal screen. With vertical monitors for coding:

  • You don’t have to scroll through code as much to read through past work by yourself or other collaborators.
  • You can quickly meet deadlines more easily with improved productivity.
  • It makes it easier to understand a project if the code was written by someone else. 
  • You can easily see how different sections of the code interact with each other since more lines are visible on the screen.
  • It’s great for catching bugs and making sure code is organized properly.
vertical monitors for coding

Using Vertical Monitors for Photo & Video Editing

If you’re an editor, you’d know the hassle of having to flip through the files and web pages, which of course, wastes so much time. Moreover, it can also make your work less efficient if you do not have enough screen space to make the most out of the software. 

However, switching to a vertical monitor for photo and video editing can surely increase your productivity. 

  • It gives you more space allocated for photos and videos taken in portrait orientation. 
  • You can have a more detailed editing potential for the images.
  • This is especially helpful when editing content created on and for smartphones.
  • You can use the top of the screen for editing and the bottom of the screen for file management or watching tutorials. 

 This can streamline your workflow and increase productivity, and you can easily implement techniques while watching tutorials to learn more effectively! 

vertical monitor for video editing

Using Vertical Monitors for Gaming and Streaming

Vertical monitors have totally made gaming and streaming a lot more fun. You don’t have to constantly juggle between reading chats from friends while playing with them.  

Previously, people often had to purchase a separate monitor, but that’d not the case anymore! With vertical monitors for gaming, you don’t have to worry about losing viewers if you do not properly interact with them or losing a game if you can't talk to the other players effectively.

  • You can enjoy the game and simultaneously monitor chats.
  • Have the game at the top of the screen and chat or stream open at the bottom of the screen for maximum visibility and less strain.
  • You can better interact with others to make gaming sessions more fun and keep your viewers happy.

vertical monitor uses

If you want to boost your productivity, then a vertical monitor might just be the perfect addition to your workstation (or play station). Now is the time to work smarter with cutting-edge dual vertical monitors from Mobile Pixels! 

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