12 Travel Gifts That Will Change Their Nomad Life for the Better

12 Travel Gifts That Will Change Their Nomad Life for the Better

Traveling may be fun, but it isn't always the most comfortable, efficient, or enjoyable experience if you don't have the right tools. This means the travelers in your life are likely to run into problems during their journey, which can be a hassle for them to deal with!

Now's the right time to think of some fantastic travel gifts to show your loved ones that you’ve considered their preferences by gifting them the best travel gadgets tech this year.

Want to get your hands on a thoughtful travel gift? Here’s a rundown of 12 travel gift ideas that will change their life.

Travel Gifts for Women

A personalized luggage tag that matches her style

One of the best travel gifts for women can be a customized luggage tag that's as stylish as herself. This will not just allow her to live the dream of traveling in style, but also help her recognize her luggage easily.

personalized luggage tag travel gift for women

A super compact and organized makeup bag

One struggle for women who are fond of traveling is the struggle to organize their makeup. So, how about gifting her an upgraded makeup bag to win her heart? Travel bags with special compartments for brushes and makeup make it easier to keep her belongings organized and accounted for while traveling.

organized makeup bag travel gift for women

A stylish mini leather backpack

Another great idea for avid travelers, especially women, is a compact leather bag that's small enough to be used as a personal item on the plane. That will make a great purse option for the ladies who are on the go and want the convenience of a backpack while still looking stylish.

mini backpack travel gift idea for women

A bracelet with charms that remind her of her travels

A bracelet with charms of her travel would make a perfect gift for her. Add a cat charm to commemorate her memorable safari excursion, a mountain charm to honor the mountain top she enjoyed hiking, or just a general travel charm like an airplane or globe — she'll treasure this heartfelt travel gift for life.

charm bracelet travel gift idea for women

A portable laptop monitor in her favorite color

For people who still need to work on the go or enjoy taking their tech with them when they travel, portable laptop monitors are excellent options that make wonderful travel gifts.

We suggest the DUEX Lite — it comes in six colors you can choose to match her style. Plus, you’re gifting a multi-purpose piece of tech that’s lightweight, slim, and portable.

duex lite portable monitor travel gift

Mobile-friendly tech accessories

If your travel lover works on the go, portable productivity technology is a must-have. Give her a folding keyboard or portable mouse to keep her productive while on the road.

travel accessory gift ideas

Travel Gifts for Men

The perfect pair of comfortable athletic shoes

A comfortable pair of sporty shoes are a must-have travel item that makes a thoughtful gift and is excellent for long days of travel or adventures around the globe!

athletic shoes travel gift idea for men

A high-tech luggage set

A high-tech luggage set is exactly what he needs. Many kinds of smart luggage now have charging connections, anti-theft technologies, and monitoring features so travelers can keep their electronics charged wherever they go. Talk about a travel upgrade!

luggage set travel gift

A pair of designer sunglasses he’d never buy himself

If you want to win his heart, then gift him a versatile pair of shades he can sport in the airport, on road trips, or lounging at his destination. This way, he’ll remember you throughout his journey.

sunglasses travel gift idea

A personalized passport holder

If you’re looking for some super thoughtful gift ideas for travel lovers, then a personalized passport holder might be just what you need. Not only will this help maintain the integrity of this essential document, but it adds a personal and sentimental touch to your gift.

personalized passport holder travel gift

A map and push pin set

A map and a push pin set will allow him to add a pin to every location he’s traveled to onto a map and display it wherever he chooses. This is a wonderful reminder of all his experiences and makes a great conversation piece that he’ll cherish and update as he sees more of the world. 

pushpin map set travel gift

A portable laptop monitor for more productive trips

Anyone who uses technology while traveling needs portable productivity tech in their life - gift him an extra screen that can easily attach to his laptop and give him an extra laptop monitor anywhere. A laptop travel sleeve makes the perfect bonus gift too!

monitor and travel sleeve for travelers

Explore all of Mobile Pixels’ tech gifts for travelers and discover how our products can make any traveler's trip more productive and enjoyable!

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