10 Gifts for Gamers of All Kinds

10 Gifts for Gamers of All Kinds

Whether you consider yourself a true gamer or not, there will come a time when you have to find the right gift for a gamer in your life. The most complicated problem to solve is knowing what they'll like, especially if you aren’t into gaming yourself. The gamer in your life probably seems to have all the gaming gear they could ever as for, which, obviously, makes it seem impossible for you to please them!

So, in your quest for finding one-of-a-kind gamer presents, we've got your back! Our roundup of 10 gifts for gamers of all kinds – whether it's your boyfriend, girlfriend, or best friend, will ensure they receive a gamer gift they’ll love.

Gamer Gifts for Him

The new game he's been eyeing.

The search for the best gifts for gamer boyfriends can feel never-ending. One idea is to try to get your hands on a new version of a video game he's been raving about recently. 

If you’re unsure of his preferred game (or if you don’t make it through the pre-order checkout before it sells out) we have a backup plan – pick a gift card to his favorite gaming store and let him pick out whatever he wants!

new game on pc as a gamer gift card

A touchscreen OLED monitor

Gamers who frequently play marathons on their Switch or PC will love this extra screen for gaming. Console players who stream can utilize the screen for chatting with their viewers, too!

Gift him a high-quality OLED monitor with a 100000:1 contrast ratio and improve his gaming experience in ways he could only dream of before. 

glance pro portable monitor gift for gamer boyfriend

An upgraded streaming webcam

Among some high-tech gifts for your gamer boyfriend, brother, or best friend – a full HD 1080p webcam that surpasses the video and audio quality provided by laptops and monitors. Sounds like a fantastic choice, especially for the video game streamer in your life!

With its built-in noise reduction quality that reduces background game audio and auto-tracking technology, it helps gamers deliver higher-quality audio and video streams of their live gameplay. 

AI Smart Camera

Gamer Gifts for Her

gamer gifts for her

An upgrade or add-on to her favorite game

What’s better than helping her unlock new elements of her favorite games like the Sims and Animal Crossing with add-on game packages? Other popular games games like Legend of Zelda and Super Smash Bros also offer expansion pack options with digital downloads you can gift her. 

Find a game she loves and unlock entirely new features she’s never played before. She’ll love you for it!

gamer gift ideas

A sleek laptop monitor attachment

Another great idea is to add a second screen to her gaming setup. This will increase her visibility and make the experience more immersive – talk about an upgrade! Select from 4 stylish and modern color choices: gunmetal grey, rio rouge, mallard green, and set sail blue.

Even better if she’s an aspiring video game streamer, these screens are excellent for livestreaming and gaming simultaneously. Plus, it can serve as a multifunctional piece of technology – you can use it for business, entertainment, and gaming. 

duex max extra screen gamer gift

A kickstand for her second screen

If you’re looking for unique gifts for video game lovers, a kickstand for the second screen might be a great add-on if she already has a portable monitor. 

Since the stand is super mobile, the gamer girl in your life can take this kickstand and her portable monitor with her wherever she goes. Also, it will offer her a stylish solution to prop up her monitor screen. 

monitor kickstand as a gamer gift idea

Some gamer self-care items for long gaming sessions

If you’re looking for a lower-budget gift, then gamer self-care items for long gaming sessions are a thoughtful choice. 

For example, eye drops, water bottles, candles, seat cushions, and more would make great items to gift a gamer who enjoys long-term gaming sessions often. She’ll love anything that would make a gaming marathon more comfortable and enjoyable! 

Gamer Presents for Teens

Online gaming subscription for their console of choice

One of the best gamer gifts for teens would be giving them access to play with other gamers with an online gaming subscription! Whether they play on PlayStation, Xbox, or Switch, this makes a perfect gift that they’ll make use of. 

online gaming gift

A second screen in their favorite color

Another great idea is to give them a better gaming experience with more screen space that they can easily attach to their existing gaming laptop or set next to their PC/console. This also makes a great portable gaming option! The best part is you can choose between six colors: dark blue, sky blue, lilac, green, gray, or white. 

extra screen gamer gift for teens

Protective casing for their gaming tech

You want to protect your investment in expensive gaming technology, especially for younger teens! The best way to do this is by getting a case for a laptop, monitor, console, and any other gaming tech to keep it protected. 

laptop sleeve for protecting gifts for gamers

Finding unique gifts for gamers may sound difficult, but with any of these choices, they’re sure to love their gamer present! Explore more gamer tech gifts from Mobile Pixels and give them an upgraded gaming experience for any occasion.

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