What Is a Portable Monitor And What Are Monitors Made Of?

What Is a Portable Monitor And What Are Monitors Made Of?

Everything You Need To Know About Portable Monitors

Regardless of whether you are a working professional, student, traveler, avid gamer, or tech enthusiast, a portable monitor is a brilliant way for you to make the most of your electronics. With their effortless functionality, easy-to-navigate interface, and sleek design, they are bound to take your work and play to another dimension when it comes to convenience and efficiency. 

When compared to traditional stand-alone monitors, the advantages are obvious. They provide a comprehensive and effective solution for a range of issues, whether you are struggling with limited space for your set-up, excessive amounts of clutter, or overall productivity and performance. 

What Is A Portable Monitor?

Portable Monitor

Traditionally, the standard monitor has been the stand-alone external monitor, which has to be plugged into a computer such as a PC or a laptop. They have a screen supported by a stand and a base, and they are connected via a cable to display its output. 

One issue with these monitors, however, is that they tend to be heavy, and bulky pieces of hardware aren’t the easiest to manage. For example, they require so much space on your desk and table when you are working or studying. What’s more, if you are traveling away from home, then they are quite hard to transport as well because of their weight and size.

It is at this point that portable monitors come in. Essentially, it is a monitor that can be connected to any laptop, PC, or mobile phone. They’re a lightweight version of external monitors, and are an amazing option for anyone who wants to have a more generous screen display without sacrificing convenience and portability. 

Moreover, their compact dimensions mean that they are perfect for traveling and commuting because they won’t add unnecessary weight to your luggage or take up too much space. A quality portable monitor is also a great way to enhance your work-from-home or hybrid work experience as well, enabling you to double and even triple your screen space, maximize your efficiency and productivity, and completely upgrade your home office. 

What Are Monitors Made Of?

The materials and components used to construct a monitor have a massive effect on their weight and portability. Portable monitors have a completely different composition than their stand-alone counterparts, which makes all the difference. 

External monitors are typically much larger in terms of their dimensions, and they are made from heavier metal materials such as steel. Depending on the processing times and the screen size, a quality stand-alone monitor can weigh up to 20 pounds. Evidently, a monitor of this size can’t really be taken anywhere or even moved that easily.

On the other hand, portable monitors are specifically engineered with lightweight materials and components. One example is the Mobile Pixels Duex Plus monitor, which weighs less than 1.3 pounds and is made from a durable plastic that is known as PC-ABS as well as a robust aluminum alloy. 

In comparison to an external monitor, it is a fraction of the weight without compromising any of the features that would be expected of a monitor. The Duex Plus is an incredibly versatile, functional, and efficient portable second monitor which can be applied to any requirements.

What Can Portable Monitors Be Used For?

A portable monitor can do everything that an external monitor can do, with some exciting additions:

  • Multitask effortlessly. With just one screen, you will constantly minimize and maximize tabs and open and close windows whenever you switch to another task or function. However, an additional portable monitor means that you no longer have to do this; you can multitask effortlessly across two or three screens.
  • Improved productivity. You’re no longer restricted to just one corner of the room when working or studying. With your trusted portable monitor, you can make the most of your time regardless of whether you are traveling, commuting, or just going from one room to the other.
  • Upgrading your mobile. In the 21st century, mobile phones are no longer just for communication. They can be used for everything from work and education to entertainment and shopping. A portable monitor is a brilliant way for you to upgrade your mobile phone, instantly transforming it into a computer that can be used anytime and anywhere. 

Duex Plus portbale monitor for photo editing

Looking for a lightweight and portable alternative to a traditional stand-alone monitor? Then shop for our Duex Plus portable monitor. The myriad benefits associated with portable monitors, such as the Duex Plus, are endless. Whether you want to include a second screen for presentation purposes, view two separate programs or webpages at once, optimize your gaming system or entertain yourself while you are traveling. 

It provides a high-resolution and high-quality screen display without the larger footprint of traditional monitors and additional laptops. The beauty of a portable monitor is its versatility; you can connect it to your mobile phone, laptop, or PC, use it for working, studying, entertainment, and communication, as well as taking it with you wherever you may be. It is the ultimate solution for anyone who uses technology for unparalleled convenience. 

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