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macOS High Sierra 10.13.4-10.13.6 DisplayLink Driver Installation Guide for Mobile Pixels Trio Series 1st Gen

DisplayLink display connectivity has been limited on macOS releases 10.13.4, 10.13.5 and 10.13.6. This is solved from macOS 10.14 Mojave onwards and v5.x DisplayLink software. DisplayLink recommends updating 10.14 to restore multiple extended display support.

Users on High Sierra 10.13.4-10.13.6 who CANNOT UPDATE to 10.14, should install v4.3.1 for one extended USB display with multiple resolutions through an additional menu via Apple AirPlay.

*Read how to enable Apple AirPlay with DisplayLink display for extend or mirror mode below.

DisplayLink driver v4.3.1 is applicable to Mac OS X 10.12 and macOS 10.13 and can be found below:

DisplayLink USB Graphics Software for Mac OS X and macOS

High Sierra 10.13, Sierra 10.12, El Capitan 10.11

Release: 4.3.1 | 10 Oct 2018


To setup the DisplayLink driver to use AirPlay:

  • Install the above driver, Display V 4.3.1
  • You might need to enable video functionality - see more information here.
  • Restart your computer and login.
  • Make sure that “Show mirroring options in the menu bar when available” is checked in Display preferences.
  • Accept the DisplayLinkUserAgent accessibility dialogue box which opens System Preferences ->        Security&Privacy -> Privacy -> Accessibility. For help with this, or if this dialog does not appear, see this article.
  • Allow DisplayLinkUserAgent application to control your computer.
  • Connect your DisplayLink enabled device.
  • You should now see the Airplay icon in your systems tray.
  • Click "Use as Separate Display" to switch to extended desktop mode.

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