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Mojave 10.14 DisplayLink Driver

 Installation Guide for Mobile Pixels Monitor Series

1. Please download the driver below: 

DisplayLink USB Graphics Software for macOS

Mojave 10.14

Release: 5.2.5 | 13 Aug 2020

2. Click on the dmg file to begin installation. Once the installation of the driver is completed, follow steps as shown below to modify and authorize driver to be active.

3. Reboot your system and connect your Mobile Pixels device(s). Wait 30 seconds and you should get the following prompt. 

4. Go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy

    Click on the Lock to make changes.  

    Authenticate the changes by using your login details.

    Check the box next to DisplayLinkUserAgent.

5. Click on the Lock again to save changes.

6. Click “Quit Now ” and restart the laptop.

7. Wait for your laptop to restart. After it restart, enjoy your monitor(s)