Unlock the Benefits of Dual Screen Gaming with Mobile Pixels

Learn why our products are a perfect fit for dual screen gaming and uncover the benefits of gaming on dual monitors. Your laptop deserves an extra screen for a better gaming experience.


Stay fit while working out at home with the help of a high quality workout monitor from Mobile Pixels

Learn how you can make your video workout sessions more fun and effective with a workout monitor from Mobile Pixels.

Stay healthy and fit at your home working out with the help of a high quality workout monitor from Mobile Pixels

  • We can provide you with an extra monitor for a more efficient and more enjoyable workout

Enjoy workout videos in vivid colour and detail with TRIO & TRIO Max portable monitors

Benefits of dual screen gaming with Mobile Pixels’ products:

  • Faster response time

  • Portable so you can play from anywhere

  • Higher refresh rates

  • More cost effective than purchasing a standalone monitor

Check out our top-of-the-line TRIO & TRIO Max portable monitors

Why gaming on dual monitors is better with Mobile Pixels?

  • With an extra monitor you can use one screen for gameplay and the other screen for chatting with your friends and competitors

  • Another monitor provides you with better overall vision than your competitors and allows for a better gaming experience

  • Having two screens is necessary if you plan to stream over Twitch

Discover our effective and innovative Duex Lite portable monitor

Why Mobile Pixels has the best workout monitors

  • Our monitors give you more visibility

  • We provide users the functionality to host a workout video on one monitor and have their favorite music playlist up on the other monitor

  • Additionally, users can track their fitness metrics and statistics on our extra monitor

Bring joy to your training with our Duex Plus portable monitor

Our portable monitor provides you with convenience and flexibility

  • Connection through a USB-C port that transfers both power and video

  • Our adhesive mechanism makes it easy to travel with, comfortable for home or gym use.

  • Our monitor is compatible with every laptop and very easy to connect

Learn more about our flexible portable monitor Duex Lite


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