5 Home Office Upgrades to Boost Productivity

5 Home Office Upgrades to Boost Productivity

Struggling to maintain your productivity among all the distractions at home? It can be difficult to maintain your focus and reach your full potential while working from home. Between family, pets, roommates, and other distractions, remote work can sometimes become ineffective.

At Mobile Pixels, we understand your struggle! Setting up an effective workstation at home can help you overcome these productivity issues. Staying organized and in the zone is the key to staying productive while you work remotely.

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The 5 Best Home Office Upgrades to Help You Stay Productive

Let's explore some functional home office ideas to help you keep your workflow moving, pull the weight of your remote workload, and build the best home office setup for productivity.

Try out a laptop stand

Laptop stands make it easier to keep your screen at eye level, and ergonomic accessories like these are a great way to boost productivity as well. If you suffer from constant neck pain and headaches, these can be a real game-changer! 

It’s hard to stay focused if you’re uncomfortable, so a simple home office upgrade like a laptop stand can help reduce eye strain and muscle tension that could end up being a distraction during your workday. 

laptop stand home office upgrade

Opt for wireless accessories 

Of course, a messy desk can hinder your focus, and the annoyance can take a toll on your productivity. Not only can it make it more difficult to find the items you need to get work done, but a cluttered workspace can also restrict your ability to process information.

With wireless accessories, you don't have to worry about them getting tangled together and being sprawled across your workspace. Less wires on your desk gives it a cleaner look, and ultimately a clearer headspace! Also, Bluetooth accessories make your workspace more mobile, making it easier to switch up your workspace when you need some variety. 

Some of the best options are the portable mouse and foldable keyboard by Mobile Pixels. They’re especially handy if you travel often since they’re easy to pack up and carry around. 

foldable keyboard home office upgrade

Invest in an adjustable standing desk 

It can be frustrating to sit at a desk all day, and it can also take a toll on your physical well being.

You can mitigate the negative physical and mental effects of sitting all day with a standing desk setup. The adjustable desks give you the option to take some sitting breaks without changing locations, and it makes it easier for you to pick the perfect height for you to work with your best posture. With a standing desk, you can bid adieu to the backaches. 

standing desk home office upgrade

Incorporate some greenery 

Adding aesthetics and lively decor with plants positively impacts the brain. The greenery and plants boost our mood and lower stress levels. Plants can even improve the air quality by filtering out toxins, so you can breathe easy and focus on your tasks. 

Plants also bring a great ambience to your space. Making your workspace more inviting can lighten your mood and make it more exciting to get started with your day.

Add an extra screen 

Extra screens are surely worth the investment! A portable monitor offers a multi-screen setup so you can do more with your workday, and you can even attach laptop monitors attach to your directly to your device to get an extra screen almost instantly.

We prefer portable monitors because they’re lightweight and travel-friendly. You can carry them around the house, or have your extra screen with you when you leave your home office. Portable monitors are perfect for remote workers who go into the office on occasion, or like to take trips to the café (or the couch) during the work day.

Our top pick for an extra screen is a TRIO Max. It's compatible with multiple devices and has a 1080P auto-rotation display.

extra screen home office upgrade

We hope these home office upgrade ideas can help you build the best home office setup for productivity and give you the boost of efficiency you need during your remote work. 

Remote and hybrid work models are the future for many organizations. Learn more about how Mobile Pixels can help you work from home and enhance your remote work experience.

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