Must-Have Video Conferencing Gear and Accessories

Must-Have Video Conferencing Gear and Accessories

If there's one thing the pandemic taught us, it's the importance of video conferencing.

From multi-national corporations and small businesses to online school and connecting with family members, people from all walks of life have made use of video conferencing applications. 

COVID-19 enabled businesses and individuals to unlock and appreciate the full potential of video conferencing as a tool for corporate remote work. The trend seems to follow even in post-pandemic times, as more and more businesses are remaining open to remote and hybrid work models.

To ensure a smooth experience, investing in the correct video conferencing gear is essential. Keep reading to find the video conferencing accessories that are best for you. 

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5 Video Conferencing Devices to Up Your Virtual Meeting Game 

Upgraded Webcam

Let's face it, the in-built webcams on most laptops or PCs are hardly good enough for the video quality standard expected by most clients and employers. 

If your work demands frequent Zoom meetings or Skype sessions, investing in an external webcam is the best option. An external webcam offers the benefit of a far boosted video and audio quality compared to the average, built-in ones. The latest versions even offer 1080p HD and 4k quality. 

Some webcams, like the Mobile Pixels AI Smart Camera, are capable of using AI to optimize video quality. With automatic exposure adjustment, auto-tracking, noise reduction, and auto-focusing features, this camera perfectly caters to video conferencing needs. 

video conferencing webcam accessory

External Microphone

Having your microphone give up on you during an important virtual meeting can be embarrassing. And well, the in-built microphones are notorious for doing that. 

A good video alone is never enough for a virtual meeting. It needs to be backed up by equally good audio. So, it makes sense to purchase an external microphone alongside an external webcam if you’re looking to upgrade your equipment. An external microphone offers crisp, clear sound quality by enhancing your audio and reducing background noise.

audio video conferencing accessories

Laptop Riser 

Sitting hunched up in front of your screen all day can damage your neck and spine, causing back aches and bad posture. This also results in a poor camera angle when it comes to video conferencing.

With the use of a laptop riser, you can greatly improve the ergonomics of your work setup. A laptop riser allows you to bring your screen to eye level, and provides the added benefit of a more flattering camera angle! 

laptop riser as a video conferencing accessory

LED Desk Lamp

Are you working in a different time zone and can no longer depend on natural light? Or maybe the power's gone, or the weather is dark and gloomy.

You can use an LED desk lamp to correct these low-light issues and maintain the quality of your video stream. Lamps like these often allow you to adjust light levels and ensure your video conferences remain professional with consistent lighting.

led light video conferencing accessory 

Video Conferencing Screen 

Does the nature of your work involve you having to switch constantly between screens during a video call? Maybe to analyze data or relay information, you find yourself always distracted, having to switch between multiple tabs. 

An extra screen can be a game-changer for you! It will allow you to focus and not lose track of your video call while having all other presentation materials, notes, and more by your side. It can help manage your time and limit distractions. 

The DUEX Plus is a lightweight, full 1080p HD display option that can connect to any laptop seamlessly. 

using a second screen as video conferencing gear

Want to learn more about video conferencing accessories and upgrading your gear? Explore how Mobile Pixels can make conferencing a breeze for you!

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