How to Start Streaming Video Games

How to Start Streaming Video Games

The next time your parents, siblings, or partner is complaining that you play too many video games, let them know you might just be able to make a career!

With streamers like PewDiePie and Ninja raking in millions of dollars from their Twitch and Youtube video gaming streams, video games have transcended far beyond being "just a hobby." 

So how do you start streaming video games? Let’s dive in to find out!

What is Game Streaming?

Streaming video games means broadcasting yourself playing video games on the internet while others watch you play in real-time on their PCs, phones, gaming consoles, etc. Viewers can also interact and chat with you as you play. The most popular sites for streaming right now are Twitch and Youtube.

This may be your calling if you are a gamer with a flair for entertaining people. It's a perfect way to earn doing what you love and having a great time while "working."

Viewers watch game streams as a form of entertainment, and they get to learn from any tips or tricks you offer as a seasoned gamer. Plus, if you get enough viewers, you can end up getting paid! It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

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What Do You Need To Stream Video Games? 

Laptop/Desktop Computer

Most gaming consoles like the Play Station 4 or Xbox One have inbuilt streaming capabilities, but the broadcast quality is limited.

To make better quality streams, you'll want to switch to a desktop computer or laptop with at least an intel core i5 processor/AMD equivalent with a minimum of 8GB of space.

Video Capture Card

A video capture card will be necessary if you plan on streaming via your gaming consoles. PCs will let you use software to record your screen, share it and play simultaneously.

A video capture card transforms video signals from one screen to a digital format. An external capture card helps improve the streaming quality of your gaming consoles.

Microphone & Camera

Built-in microphones in your webcams or PCs are not sophisticated enough to ensure a smooth voice quality transmission. Thus, use a high-quality headset with a built-in microphone for optimum results.

Likewise, built-in webcams in PCs do not produce the video quality required for streaming. Investing in a better-quality webcam is a smart choice; it can help elevate the quality of your stream.

The AI Smart Camera provides full 1080p HD level video quality, which will give your streams the boost it needs to go all the way!


Don’t rely on external speakers or the inbuilt speakers of your PC. While this may have worked for you as a gamer, streams require screen and audio sharing; you don't want the audience to hear additional sounds coming from your speakers through your microphone.

This muffles your own voice, can cause echoing, and may not be the smoothest streaming experience for viewers.

Second Screen

A dual monitor setup might just be what you need as a video game streamer. View your gameplay on one screen and your stream feed on the other! This will help you focus on both simultaneously without switching screens/tabs.

Check out the Geminos stacked monitor a lightweight, portable, full HD display that ensures optimal eye comfort.

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How to Setup Dual Monitor for Gaming and Streaming

Twitch is the most popular video game streaming site; if you wish to launch yourself as a pro streamer on that platform, a dual-screen is absolutely necessary.

When using a dual monitor setup for gaming, we recommend using a PC for a more immersive gaming experience wherein you can interact with your viewers; quickly fix any technical issues that may arise within the stream while maintaining your game progress.

Read more about how using dual monitors for gaming can take your gaming (and streaming) experience to the next level. 

It may take a while to figure out the perfect streaming setup and equipment suited to your needs, but we promise it's worth it. If you’re looking to get more serious about streaming, consider these purchases an investment.

Focus on having fun and entertaining your viewers, grow a following, and keep improving the viewer's experience. Good luck!

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