Curved Vs Flat Monitor Gaming: Which Is Right For You?

Curved Vs Flat Monitor Gaming: Which Is Right For You?

Are you tired of gaming on your small laptop or PC screen and crave a more immersive gaming experience? Then don't limit yourself - invest in an extra screen! 

Whether curved or flat, an additional monitor offers a more freed-up screen, which can be particularly helpful if you are a video game streamer. It allows you to view your screen and interact with your audience while focusing on your gameplay. 

However, with the increasing competition in buying an additional screen, it can be confusing which one to opt for. Thus, monitor shape, price tag, resolution, size, are just some factors that you should consider before purchasing.

gaming on a flat portable montitor

Comparing a Curved vs Flat Monitor for Gaming 

Let’s take a look at the comparison between the curved vs flat monitor for gaming to help you choose the best one for you!

Benefits of Using a Curved Monitor for Gaming  

While a curved monitor may feel like an aesthetic choice at first glance, it delivers much more than just a change in design. There is actual science behind the curvature design. The curve is meant to adapt to your natural viewing angle, which allows for a more comfortable viewing experience and minimizes eye strain. 

A curved screen also gives the illusion of a wider view, thus allowing for a more thrilling gaming experience. The curved monitor design offers less distortion and greater image depth. Thus, all these factors combined make curved monitors worth their slightly higher price point if you’re doing some serious gaming. 

curved monitor for gaming

Drawbacks of Using a Curved Monitor for Gaming

Though these monitors offer more perks than a flat screen, they have limitations. Mainly due to their higher price point, while a curved display might seem attractive, it's not the best option for those on a tight budget. 

Also, the curvature of their design limits viewing angles and causes more glare as compared to a flat screen.  In addition, owing to the shape of a curved monitor, they have limited portability. It can be tough to pack them in a laptop bag and carry them around securely.

That being said, a curved monitor with added benefits may be the best choice if you are a professional gamer or video streamer. Otherwise, the perks may not be worth the heftier price tag.

Benefits of Using a Flat Monitor for Gaming 

Although flat monitors may be older technology, they are still relevant and useful in many instances. Compared to a curved monitor, a flat monitor offers much less glare and more viewing angles. 

Additionally, their lower price point makes them much more affordable. Their flat shape allows for greater portability as they can smoothly fit inside any laptop bag without much risk of being damaged. Flat monitors are also great if you’re planning on using the screen for multiple uses, like work or school in addition to gaming.

using a flat monitor for gaming

Drawbacks of Using a Flat Monitor for Gaming 

Lastly, when comparing curved vs flat monitor gaming, flat screens also come with some drawbacks that are worth mentioning. 

As the name suggests, a flat screen offers a "flat" or completely 2D viewing experience, unlike curved monitors, which deliver much more immersive gameplay. In addition, flat monitors have a more limited field of view than their curved counterparts. 

Ultimately, flat monitors are better for more casual gamers that don’t need the marginal benefits that a curved screen offers. 


To sum it all up, curved monitors may be a popular choice amongst professional gamers and streamers who can justify the higher price tag. A standard flat screen is a more affordable and convenient option for people who prioritize portability and play video games more casually. 

Gaming on the flat monitor

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