10 Perfect Christmas Gifts for Students Away at College

10 Perfect Christmas Gifts for Students Away at College

There's no denying the fact that college students are typically low on budget! They either spend most of their time saving up or just cutting down on their expenses. So, when planning Christmas gifts for students, you want to make sure that it's meaningful and will really come in handy for them.

If you're looking for the perfect Christmas gifts for students attending university, you’ve come to the right place! To save you the struggle, we’ve prepared a list of gift ideas for college students that they’ll actually use.

Wellness Gift Ideas for Students

Many of us know how hard it can be to cope with daily assignments, long lectures, and nerve-racking exams. As a college student, you’re constantly working. These students can get stressed out quickly, but self-care items are a great way to encourage them to take some time for themselves.


Aromatherapy can be a lifesaver for almost any situation! When feeling overwhelmed, your student can use aromatic diffusers or reeds in the room. Aromatherapy diffusers and accessories always make great gifts for dorm rooms since candles aren’t usually allowed.

The soothing smell of lavender or vanilla would help them have some quality me-time, or some citrus essential oil can help them feel more awake and focused during their morning routine.  

aromatherapy gift for college students

A Luxurious Bathrobe

A spa-grade robe is yet another great way to pamper students after all the hard work they put into those never-ending essays and assignments. 

When students are living in dorms, they often have to share a community bathroom. Help them pamper themselves and look luxurious on those daily walks to the community shower!

bath robe college student gift idea

Fancy Bath & Beauty Products

Students can't always afford the luxury bath and beauty products they’re dreaming of. Gifting them some fancy face washes, body butter, or scrubs will make them feel brand new. 

They’ll be delighted to receive a luxury self-care gift that they probably wouldn’t be able to afford on a college budget, and it’s one of the best ways for them to feel refreshed and conquer another day!

bath and beauty gift ideas for college students

Sleeping Mask

Well, what could be better than a cooling sleep mask when it comes to destressing? It is a great strategy to help them feel relaxed, and soothe them to have a great sleep.

Sleeping masks are especially helpful when their roommate decides to pull an all-nighter before their big exam, or for those afternoon naps during a tiring day. 

sleeping mask gift for students in college

Gifts for Dorm Rooms

With so much time spent in a tiny dorm, students deserve to have a space that feels like home! These gift for dorm rooms are amazing upgrades that can make their student housing feel a bit more personal and functional. 

Comfy Bedding 

Catching some z’s is the best way for students to recharge. Of course, some good night's sleep is a priority, especially when they need extra brain power for assignments or exams.  

We recommend gifting some cozy blankets, memory foam pillows, silk pillowcases, or a comfy new bedding set to help them get a better night's sleep while they’re away at school!

bedding gift idea for college students

As Espresso Machine

An upgraded coffee maker is an essential requirement, especially if the student in your life tends to run on caffeine!  

Instead of the typically coffee brewing system, we recommend gifting them a small espresso maker for an upgraded coffee experience. After all, what’s better than some Starbucks-quality drinks without worrying about the coffee shop price tag? 

espresso maker as a gift idea for students

Room Décor

Cute dorm décor items make wonderful gifts for dorm rooms! Adding a personal touch is a fantastic way to spice up a cramped dorm and make it cozy.  

You can get the student in your life some soft fairy lights, faux greenery, or personalized posters to make their dorms feel more like their home away from home.

decorations as a gift for dorm room

Tech Christmas Gifts for Students 

Portable Gadgets

Whether they’re in class or relaxing over the weekends, a portable tech gadget is no less than a luxury. University students spend a large portion of their day just walking around campus to different locations, but they don’t want to lug around huge electronics as they get those steps in!

If you really want to simplify their lives as busy college students, gifting them some portable laptop accessories that are easy to take around campus (like a portable mouse or foldable keyboard) is a meaningful gesture.

tech gift ideas for college students

Smart Alarm Clock

A smart alarm clock that wakes them up with their favorite songs can really help students wake up in a much better, livelier mood! 

Of course, hearing your favorite tune when you first open your eyes is way better than being woken up by your smartphone’s irritating alarms. Waking up this way can help them feel more motivated and confident, which is perfect for exam day.

touchscreen alarm clock gift idea for college student

An Additional Screen

If you’re looking to spoil your college student this year, a new laptop monitor is the perfect gift. You can get them an extra laptop screen like DUEX Lite in their favorite color, whether they prefer a gorgeous jadeite green or a misty lilac hue.

With this gift, not only will they have an easier time studying, but they can also use their extra screen for entertainment on their study breaks. They’ll forever be grateful for this one! 

extra monitor gift idea for college students

With these helpful gift ideas for students away at college, you’re sure to give them a present they love this year. These thoughtful items will truly be a valuable addition to their busy lives!

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