How to Work Remotely and Travel at the Same Time

How to Work Remotely and Travel at the Same Time

Wondering if it's possible to travel and work remotely while you explore the world? Of course, you can!

When you’re traveling while working remotely, you’re free to take up your cubicle in any part of the world. The freedom to work from anywhere with a laptop and secure internet connection is really a game-changer!

7 Productivity Tips for Traveling While Working Remotely

Have the flexibility of working from home? Are you interested in traveling while working remotely? Now could be the perfect time to explore the world without compromising your career! We have some essential tips to help you learn how to work remotely and travel at the same time. 

Create a consistent schedule

While working remotely, it’s essential for your productivity and routine to set up a consistent working schedule for your day. 

Not only does this help you stay productive, but it also helps you keep up with your travel plans too. So, plan your work schedule around your itinerary and try to keep it consistent. 

schedule planner for staying productive while working and traveling

Set strict boundaries for your work-life balance

Another thing to ensure smooth traveling while working remotely is communicating effectively with your coworkers. Letting them know your availability for work ahead of time will help establish a balance between a fruitful workday and travel time. 

This way, you can say goodbye to any work-related inconveniences during your personal time and stay productive when it's time to work. 

Dedicate a workspace in your travel location

Having a designated workspace for work really helps keep you on task and gets you in a more focused mindset. It allows you to enter a more productive frame of mind and better balance your free time with your workday. 

This place could be anywhere you feel productive while traveling – an office in your Airbnb, the business lounge at a hotel, or even a coffee shop.

Try out coworking spaces

If you're worried about a productive work environment with a stable internet connection, coworking places could be your answer. 

So, if your Airbnb doesn't offer a suitable workspace, don't panic – opt for coworking spaces instead! The facilities there might provide a less distracting setting than a café or restaurant.  

coworking space for remote workers and travelers

Scope out the Wi-Fi reliability before you arrive at your destination

While traveling, it's important to remember that not every place has dependable internet access. In such cases, reserving a coworking space or carrying a portable Wi-Fi hotspot works best. 

Just be sure to scope out the reliability and availability of the internet connection before you embark on your next adventure – you might need a backup wifi plan!

Keep time zones in mind

When you’re learning how to travel while working, don’t forget that you might be in a different time zone than your employees or clients depending on where you’re traveling. 

So, make sure you schedule your day at work in a way that still enables you to communicate with your team. As a courtesy, try not to reach out to coworkers or clients outside of the working hours in their time zone.

Invest in the right technology

Choosing the right technology is one of the most important considerations when you’re traveling while working remotely. When you’re learning how to work and travel at the same time, you’ll see that portable technology and accessories make it so much easier to take your workspace wherever you go!

A portable monitor like DUEX Lite offers multiple screens for productivity, and it’s super convenient to pack in a carry-on since it’s lightweight, and portable. It allows you to work more effectively during flights and layovers without having to carry a heavy piece of equipment. Investing in these monitors is the best option for avid travelers who also keep up with their full-time work. 

person working and traveling at the same time with a travel laptop monitor

Foldable keyboard designs are ideal for traveling. They quickly fit in a backpack, purse, or carry-on bag. Ideally, you should choose a keyboard with Bluetooth capabilities to reduce the number of cords you need to bring with you on the road!

Bluetooth connection saves the inconvenience of wires getting tangled during travel or in your backpack. A portable mouse is another perfect Bluetooth accessory for traveling while working remotely. It is compact and easy to fit into your carry-on luggage, suitcase, or backpack! 

If you work with sensitive data while you travel, a privacy screen filter is a must. It shields the information on your screen so that you can easily work while sitting at the airport or in crowded places without having to worry about someone looking at your screen. 

Want to find out more about how to work and travel at the same time? Learn how Mobile Pixels makes productive traveling a breeze.  

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