Graphic Design Office Essentials: Tech, Monitors, & More for Graphic Designers

Graphic Design Office Essentials: Tech, Monitors, & More for Graphic Designers

When it comes to graphic design, you can’t let anything stand in the way of your creativity. We know that the essentials you select for your workspace can have an impact on your creativity and efficiency. So, whether you go to an office or have an at-home workstation, you should choose graphic design office supplies wisely.

To ace your job as a graphic designer, you first need to make sure you’re investing in the best office essentials out there. While it may be difficult to choose which equipment will ideally bring out the best of your creativity, we’re here to help!

Graphic Design Office Essentials

Without further ado, let’s hop into the essentials of your graphic design office.

Essential Office Furniture for Graphic Designers

First things first, you need to plan out your workspace. Here are some must-have additions to your graphic design office to level your performance!

  • Ergonomic chair/desk: Find a comfortable chair with ergonomic support that lets you work for hours and a desk that enables you to bring out the best of your creativity.
  • Adjustable drawing table: Create ergonomically with an adjustable drawing table to sketch out your designs.
  • Laptop stand: When working long hours on your ideas, laptop stands can reduce eye strain along with neck and shoulder stiffness.

graphic design office setup

Best Office Accessories for Graphic Designers

Your graphic design office accessories are the small additions that make all the difference.

  • Monitor stand: A great monitor stand will let you prop up your extra screen to use for looking at reference images, designing color palettes, and more.
  • Sticky notes: For sketching quick designs or writing down your creative ideas on the fly, sticky notes definitely come in handy for any designer.
  • Planner or dry-erase calendar: As a graphic designer, you’d know how crucial it is to meet deadlines. When you’ve got a lot on your plate, a planner will help you keep track of every due date that’s coming up.>
  • Blue light glasses: With blue light glasses, you can work for as long periods in front of the screen without damaging your eyes.

desk setup

Top Tech for Graphic Designers

Don't forget to deck your office out with the latest tech – perfect for boosting your productivity through the power of technology.

  • Drawing stylus: This one makes digital art a breeze and lets you produce exact pen and brush lines like you do on paper.
  • Hard Drive: The last thing you want is to lose your hard work, so a hard drive will help you keep your records safe and organized in one place.
  • Monitor for Extra Screen: When it comes to graphic designing, monitors are crucial to getting the screen real estate you need.
graphic design monitor setup

What to Look for in a Monitor for Graphic Design

Before you choose a second screen, you need to know what to look for in a monitor for graphic design so that you pick the best model for your creative use. Let’s take a look at the most important technical specifications that come in handy for graphic design.

  • HD resolution: Your graphic design monitor should deliver pixel-perfect, color-accurate images in HD resolution. Generally, 1080x1920 works for most graphic design purposes – so, make sure the monitor you’re going for meets this requirement.
  • High Contrast Ratio: For proper color representation and picture detail, the contrast ratio is crucial. Your design perfection depends on color accuracy and the details you view your monitor. A contrast ratio of 5000:1 should suffice, but the higher the better. The Mobile Pixels GLANCE Pro offers a contrast ratio of 100000:1, 100 times beyond the traditional LCD screen.
  • Brightness: When looking for the best monitor for graphic design, you should aim for over 300 nits of brightness for better viewing and visibility.
  • Touchscreen: With touchscreen monitors, editing and creating designs becomes a breeze. So, choose a touchscreen tablet and a touchscreen display for a more effective design.
GLANCE pro best monitor for graphic design

Learn more about how Mobile Pixels can enhance your design experience and help you create more efficiently.

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