Proper Desk Posture: How to Sit Properly at a Desk, According to Ergonomics

Proper Desk Posture: How to Sit Properly at a Desk, According to Ergonomics

Almost all jobs in modern workplaces expect you to stay hunched over your keyboard for 40 or more hours every week. The worst part is that most of us, with our average 9-5 working hours, can't even take temporary breaks to unwind or simply walk around. 

If you're like most people, chances are you have poor posture while sitting, which takes a massive toll on your body. From increasing the risk for health problems, including neck and back pain, stiff muscles, and poor balance, to lower sports performance – it does more harm than we may anticipate. However,  the good news is that learning to sit ergonomically can help solve these problems.

If you're already experiencing any of these effects, it's high time you learn how to sit properly at desks. Read on to learn more about proper desk posture.

proper desk posture

The Importance of Proper Posture Sitting at a Desk

Your general health, specifically your back and spine, depends on maintaining a proper desk posture while using a computer. Before we dive into the specifics of the correct posture, let’s talk about why posture matters.

  • Poor posture and limited movement can put you at risk of countless adverse health effects. You can suffer from weaker muscles, excessive back/shoulder pain, joint damage, inflammation, and more. The last thing you want is a curved spine and slumped shoulders! 
  • The 9-5 lifestyle and chronic pain can also lead to mental health issues, which include anxiety, depression, burnout, and more. 
  • With poor physical and mental health, our productivity suffers. On the flip side, a good posture will level up our health, productivity, and confidence! That makes it pretty evident why learning proper desk posture is important.

How to Sit Properly at a Desk

Keep your back straight

First, your pelvis is the starting point for maintaining an excellent desk-sitting posture. Make sure your back curve aligns with the chair's curve. Also, your hips should sit directly under your torso – don't lean forward or backward. 

Any major variation from this position can shift your spine's natural curvature, which puts immense pressure on the spine. Of course, that increases your risk of injuries and chronic pain too. 

Keep your arms at a 90-degree angle

Next up, your arms should remain at a 90-degree angle in the neutral resting posture. Avoid stretching forward with your arms, and keep your forearms parallel to the floor. To help you maintain this position, armrests can be a helpful tool.

Place your feet on the floor

Crossing your legs, or putting just your toes on the floor, strains the big muscles that support your back, pelvis, and hips and obstructs healthy blood flow. So, avoid crossing your legs or tucking them under the chair while you sit at your desk. 

Simply keep your feet flat on the floor, and always ensure there is room between the front of the chair cushion and the back of your legs. 

Keep your screen at eye level 

The last consideration for maintaining proper posture for sitting at a desk is making sure that the screen is aligned with your eyes. To be precise, your screen should be roughly around 20 inches away from the face and always at eye level. 

With an adjustable, vertical, and dual-stacked monitor arrangement, you can quickly obtain a neutral neck and back position with ideal ergonomics. One great example of a monitor like this is the GEMINOS. With stacked screens, you don’t have to constantly turn your head back and forth horizontally, which strains your neck. Plus, you can always customize the monitor's height to avoid the awkward hunching of your back!

stacked monitor for proper desk posture

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