Stacked Monitors VS Side by Side: Which is Right for You?

Stacked Monitors VS Side by Side: Which is Right for You?

Nowadays, everyone uses a laptop for work. No one can deny the benefits of extra screens. Dual monitors offer so many benefits to its user. These screens are not restricted to work only. Gamers can also benefit from these dual monitors.

As far as its benefits, dual screens are available in two types. Stacked or vertical and side-by-side monitors. They are ideal for someone that to always juggle multiple tasks at once. Once you start using such monitors, there is no going back. You will enjoy the benefits of these screens.

Read this article to learn more about stacked and side-by-side monitors. Decide what is best for you.

What is a Stacked Monitors

A vertical or stacked monitor means the monitors are on top of each other. They are placed so that their screens are aligned with one another. You might have seen a stacked monitor before. But do you know about the numerous benefits that they offer? For that reason, let's dig into the benefits stacked monitors offer.

Advantages of Stacked Monitors

Advantages of Stacked Monitors

Undoubtedly, the stacked monitor is one of the advancements in technology to ease the work of humans. It will take a little while before vertical monitors replace our traditional setup. But why is it happening? The answer is all the benefits that stacked monitors offer to its user. These benefits are:

Better Ergonomics

One of the stacked monitors' most attractive features is the neck strain reduction after use. Many users have experienced this change and appreciated it. With this setup, You don’t have to move your head back and forth.

Such a setup reduces your eye strain and improves posture. You can sit comfortably now. Moreover, it allows users to read more like a book or magazine page; these vertical monitors take control and reduce text lines.

Save Space

Usually, dual monitors take up a lot of space. It ends up spanning across your entire desk. There is no room for other items of your need.

On the other hand, stacked monitors use some vertical space. This way, you can get more space on your desk or monitor setup.

Improved Productivity

This extra screen of stacked monitors can increase your productivity. You don't waste your time switching the tabs repeatedly.

 It allows gamers to run live streams on one screen while interacting with the audience. It also helps in professions where you need to view different information simultaneously.

Disadvantages of Stacked Monitors

Apart from its advantages, there are some cons of stacked monitors. These disadvantages occur when you don’t set it up properly and miss some important information related to stacked monitors. Some potential disadvantages are:

Limited Adjustability

 If the displays are not set up at the proper height, this may cause pain and eye strain. The ability to adjust displays when stacked on top of one another may be restricted, making it challenging to find the perfect viewing angle.

For this reason, Geminos dual monitors come with adjustable height and angle. You can make the perfect viewing angle and height according to your needs and desire.

Geminos Statcked Monitor

Potential Neck Strain

Neck strain can result from repeatedly looking up and down between stacked monitors. Geminos Dual Monitors allows its user to adjust the height. This will result in reduced neck strains. If the monitors are not set up at the proper height, it can lead to severe neck issues.

Higher Costs

Since stacked monitors constantly require specialized supports or mounts to hold the displays in place.  They might be more expensive than side-by-side monitors.

What is Side By Side Monitors

Side by side refers to the horizontal positioning of your dual screens. You can get various benefits from the classic side-by-side display stacking. Let's talk about these benefits now.

side by side monitors setup

Advantages of Side-by-Side Monitors

Side-by-side monitors offer some potential benefits to their users. You might be using these monitors, unaware of their benefits. We are here to tell you the benefits of horizontal/side-by-side monitors. These advantages are:

  • It allows you to reduce the movement of the head. You don't have to wiggle your head up and down now.
  • You have more options to mount it. It allows you to adjust the screens according to your desire.
  • Its curvature provides you with all the visions. It's ideal for video editors. They can get long timeframes with side-by-side monitors.
  • It's best for such professions that require landscape mode. It is best for such a business that requires an increased view of codes, texts and images.

Disadvantages of Side-by-Side Monitors

There are certain flaws in side-by-side monitors. Consider them before buying one for you. These disadvantages are:

Wider Desk Required

Side-by-side monitors have the drawback of requiring a greater desk space than stacked displays. This can be problematic in congested offices.

Awkward Viewing Angles

Side-by-side monitors can cause awkward viewing angles. This can cause distortion and reduced image quality. Especially if both monitors are being viewed simultaneously, you might face some problems.

Increased Cable Clutter

Using multiple monitors can cause clutter in cables. It can be a little bit complicated and chaotic to manage these cables.

Despite these potential drawbacks, you can still get benefits from such setups. However, with the right equipment and arrangements, some of these disadvantages can be overcome. For example, the Trio laptop screen extender can reduce ergonomic design to turn a laptop into a portable dual-screen laptop.

Stacked VS Side by Side Monitors: Which One Do You Need?

Geminos Stacked Monitor

There are two options for monitor setups. However, it is totally up to your preferences which you need. Make sure to consider these factors before investing in one of them. These factors are:

Consider your specific use case

The side-by-side monitors are better for tasks that require landscape mode. On the other hand, stacked monitors are more suitable for tasks requiring viewing multiple documents or applications simultaneously.

Evaluate Your Available Desk Space

The stacked requires less horizontal but more vertical space. Side-by-side requires more horizontal but less vertical space.

Consider Your Budget

Apart from all the pros and cons of both setups, it is important to consider your budget first. Don't go beyond your budget. If your desired setup costs all your savings, go for another one. Invest in such multiple screens that fulfill all your needs within your budget.

Evaluate Your Comfort and Ergonomics

The stacked can reduce eye strain, while side-by-side can reduce neck strain. Make sure to prioritize your health first. Choose one that provides you comfort.

Consider Your Personal Preferences

In the end, the entire choice is all yours. Your preferences matter the most. Keep in mind that it's a long-lasting investment. You can't even ignore small details. Take a look into account visual appeal and screen real estate.


If you plan to update your monitor setup, then look into all the pros and cons of both setups. No doubt, these setups will allow you to work more efficiently. Don't forget to consider the abovementioned factors before investing in your desired setup.

Visit Stacked Monitors for best monitor setups in your homes and offices.

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