Flight Productivity: 4 Tips for Successfully Working on a Plane

Flight Productivity: 4 Tips for Successfully Working on a Plane

There is no better time to be productive than during a long boring flight, and let's face it, even the best of us struggle to figure out what to do on the plane. Sitting in a seat for hours on end with in-flight entertainment limited to a few movies can get old.

Working on a plane is the perfect way to make the time go by quicker and make sure you wrap up any outstanding work before reaching your destination – but being productive on a flight isn’t always easy!

The Challenges of Working on a Plane 

We have all been there, squeezing in a much-needed vacation during a busy work season or going on a long work trip while working on tight deadlines and busy schedules. It then makes sense to utilize those otherwise wasteful in-flight hours to catch up on much-needed work with minimal distractions. 

However, your resolution to being productive during a flight may be met with significant challenges. While the idea of being confined to a seat for hours might seem like the best way to stay focused, imagine you get seated next to a crying baby – uh oh— or worse, someone with travel sickness; yeah, it is not always the best work environment. 

Another potential hindrance to your flight productivity may be the lack of efficient wifi connections on a plane. With most of our work now being online, wifi is an absolute necessity. But due to technological constraints, wifi signals are not always reliable in the air. 

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4 Tips for Successfully Working on a Plane 

Make sure you have all the tools you need 

It is essential to pack strategically if you plan to get work done on the plan. Make a list of the items and tech gear you will need during the flight to complete your intended work. Pack all the necessary equipment in your carry-on to make it available during the flight. 

It is also recommended to carry portable chargers in your carry-on for backup battery power during the flight. 

Invest in a good wifi package if you can  

All work these days relies heavily on a stable internet connection; the standard in-flight wifi is rarely reliable, so you may want to purchase a good internet plan on the plane, especially for those who have meetings and video conferences to attend.  

Research the internet plans your flight offers beforehand to choose the best one according to your needs. 

Bring space-saving tech along

For someone who runs a tight schedule and frequently travels for work, investing in the right equipment is crucial to maintain your work productivity while traveling. 

You should purchase Bluetooth headphones, a mouse, a keyboard, and speakers help to eliminate the hassle of using wired equipment on a flight due to space constraints. Another good option for frequent travelers is a portable, travel-friendly monitor like DUEX Lite, which is easy to pack and carry around without taking up any extra space.

Get in your zone 

With constant conversations going around you, the plane environment can get chatty and noisy sometimes. If you travel a lot investing in a pair of quality noise-canceling headphones can help you keep distractions at bay. Use the noise canceling feature alone or play some soft classical music to help you stay focused in flight. 

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