OLED vs. microLED Monitor: Which Is Better?

OLED vs. microLED Monitor: Which Is Better?

microLED and OLED displays both function very similarly, the primary difference lies in the material used to emit light from the diode. OLED displays use an organic compound to self-emit light from each pixel, while microLED displays use inorganic compounds designed to be brighter, more color accurate, more efficient, and more durable than their organic counterparts. 

What Is the Difference Between OLED and microLED Monitors?

Unlike OLED, microLED uses multiple micro-leds to create each pixel whereas each pixel on an OLED screen is a single diode instead. This allows for a much finer level of detail and contrasts in both darker and lighter pictures on microLED displays. Despite the advantages microLED currently has over OLED, this technology is still being researched and developed and is not quite ready for widespread use.

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