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Picking the Best Monitor to Work from Home: How to Choose a Monitor for Home Office

Picking the Best Monitor to Work from Home: How to Choose a Monitor for Home Office

Need help picking the best home office monitor for your remote or hybrid job? You’ve landed at the right place to learn tips on choosing a monitor that's right for you.

Since the pandemic hit, employers have sought remote and hybrid work-from-home models. Most companies now offer remote working options to their employees. Laptops have long been the primary choice of those working from home. However, they are far from ideal for people dedicating long working hours remotely.

Bending down your neck and compromising your back posture while working on your laptop can lead to more long-term health issues. Of course, eyesight issues and chronic neck and back pain tops all of them.

These cons may outweigh the benefit of a laptop's portability, especially if you need to spend hours in front of it. You might then consider investing in a desktop monitor. We are here to help you learn how to choose a monitor for home office that meets your needs!

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Specifications to Look For In A Home Office Monitor

Screen Size

Pick a screen size most relevant to your work's nature. Screen sizes between 24 to 32 inches will suffice for most office work like checking and producing emails, browsing, and working on MS Office. If you’re into design, graphics, or need to handle large volumes of data, then the best home office monitor for you may be a larger size.

Screen Resolution

1080p is the standard gold resolution for most displays; it is compatible with most office tasks. Video editors and other creatives, however, may prefer a higher resolution option.


Most modern laptops are compatible with and can connect to an external monitor. This ensures that you get the best of both worlds: the advantage of portability with a laptop. Ensure the monitor you choose is compatible with your laptop or desktop's operating system and ports.

Collaboration Features

If the nature of your work relies on conference calls, you may think that the best home office monitor for you would be one with an inbuilt microphone and webcam

For the sake of professionalism, though, it's best to not rely on the inbuilt cams that come with most monitors, as they are often low quality. Opt for a high-quality external webcam to improve your conference call experiences and ensure your remote meetings go smoothly. One of the best options is Mobile Pixels’ AI Smart Camera, which provides high-quality audio and video to ensure a smooth user experience.

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Personal Factors to Consider While Choosing the Best Home Office Monitor for You

How Much Space Do I Have? 

Take into account the amount of workspace you have at home. For smaller studio apartments, for example, it makes more sense to opt for a compact screen size to avoid clutter. A cluttered work desk will hamper your productivity and workflow.

However, if you have a bigger dedicated home office, you may have the luxury of purchasing bigger equipment, larger monitors, or multiple screens.

Place of Work

If your work requires frequent traveling or has a hybrid model workplace, switching between offices to remote work, a portable laptop monitor might be the perfect solution for you.

It’ll allow you to not compromise on productivity by always having a monitor at your disposal regardless of where you work. Mobile Pixels’ TRIO Portable LCD Monitor is one of the best investments you can make.

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Additional Features

Look for options that are best suited to your specific concerns. If you run on a tight budget and cannot spare more on bills, an energy-efficient monitor may be a good option, in the long run, helping to save up on electricity bills. A monitor with height and tilt adjustability may help ensure correct working posture and improve ergonomics. Many people nowadays prefer touchscreen monitors that have added interactivity features.

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